Deep Snow Plowing Timelapse

in winter •  13 days ago

I told yesterday I will post photos about my little hike and picnic we did some time ago in really cold weather but things changed. In the night today, we had some pretty heavy snowfall and I had to get rid of it today. So I decided to take a timelapse of me plowing snow at the front and back of my house. 24 hours ago we had zero snow, felt like spring already. All this deep snow fell in the last 18 hours. This is the thing living in the north. You think it's going to be spring, snow is melting and the weather starts to go warm and all of a sudden you get a snowstorm.

I was getting really tired at the end. I pushed myself to finish fast because I didn't want this timelapse to be too long. The video is sped up 30 times and the clip at the front of the house 50 times.

Music: Boxplot - Tramonatne


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