My Body's Just a Suitcase for My Soul: Billy Nelson featuring Willie Nelson

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On Christmas Day of 1991, Willie Nelson and his family suffered a great loss that shocked the country music world, as the legend's eldest son, William Hugh Nelson, Jr. (Billy), had passed away. 

"I've never experienced anything so devastating in my life," Willie told a friend, according to People.

Before his sudden passing, Willie and his son had recorded a beautiful gospel song, "My Body's Just A Suitcase For My Soul" that has continued to keep the young man's spirit alive and well. After this devastating loss, Nelson had an incredibly difficult time completing the album that so heavily incorporated his son.

However, in 1994, Willie honored his son by releasing the collaborated gospel album, Peace In The Valley. The album included the father/son duet to a heart-wrenching song titled "My Body's Just A Suitcase For My Soul". In an interview with Sun Sentinel, Bob MacDonald Jr. admitted, "It was very tough for Willie. He had doubts about coming out with this album at all. But now that the record is out, it seems to be helping him to come to grips with the tragedy."

The album was re-released in 2015, breaking hearts and instilling a range of emotions all over again.

Preview the video below to see Nelson and his son singing their emotional duet, although we're confident this endeavor will require an abundance of tissues. Although gone, Billy's talent and memory will live on. 

Source: Country Rebel

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