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Round 2 Winner announced and a chance for you to win 50 STEEM in this round!

Here is the progression that this contest follows.

ROUND 1 = PHOTO – Take a photo to enter – COMPLETED

ROUND 2 = ART – Use winning photo from Round 1 to make a piece of art - COMPLETED

ROUND 3 = MEME – Use winning art from Round 2 to make a meme - BEGINS NOW!

ROUND 4 = POETRY – Use winning meme from Round 3 to make a poem

ROUND 5 = SONG – Use winning poem from Round 4 to make an original song.


In Round 1, @dwells won the photo contest with this gem! It was his winning photo that provided the inspiration for the artwork in Round 2. The artwork last round was amazing. Just look at some of these entries.

It was too much for me and I had to get help to choose the winner. So, in typical wild & strange @papa-pepper style, I just drove over to the home of @dwells, who I had never met before, and had him help me choose the winner, since the artwork was based on his winning photo anyway.

True Story - See Photo Below

@dwells & @papa-pepper yesterday choosing winners



This winning artwork from @fubar-bdhr will be the base for the MEME contest in Round 3. Congrats @fubar-bdhr! Honestly, many other entries were absolutely incredible and would work marvelously for a meme contest. However, only one actually win, and this was the one that @dwells chose. Thanks to everyone who participated and entered last round. It is great to have so many excellent option to choose from.


For Round 3 of the Wild & Strange Contest, all you have to do to enter is make a meme out of the winning artwork created by @fubar-bdhr and reply to this post with your meme.


  • Steemians can join at any time.
  • Create an original meme using the winning artwork from Round 2.
  • Enter original work and provide your entry in a reply to this post.
  • You can still make a post out of your entry, but your post does not count as an entry, only your reply.
  • Keep everything kid-friendly and G rated.
  • You must enter by midnight this coming Sunday (CST) in order for your entry to be considered valid.
  • By entering, you are giving me full permission to use your entry however I wish.

I'm looking forward to seeing what you can come up with!


Until next time…

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Here's my entry

image1 (12).JPG




once you start actually paying your parents with money you make ffrom steemit, like I did then your mom will leave you alone!

My parents are SO much happier with me that im actually making money! An the best part was the post I made about steemit paying my treehouse rent of $60 per week , I got like 52 dollars off that post here about me paying my oarents rent money via steemit! so now i have the rent for the NEXT week!
So dont worry man! haha ui knwwo EXACTLy what u mean withthis meme! ur busy in the zine on steemit and u get bothered andur like HEY HEY IM BUSY WORKING hahaha

once u start showing real cash from steemit peopel startto treat it like any other Job and even are proud of u fo working at home!

I will do anything for steemit!

someone even set me a steemit T shirt for me! iim gonan wear it EVERYWHERE! so @justcallmemyth do u have ur steemit T shirt yet???

I love you steemit! thank u for the T shirt whoever sent it to me! i really haveno idea who sent it!!!

Anyway man keep posting funy images! sorry for the long text !

so sorry i just realized i kind of just jizzed all over ur post with my own ego
lemme do the contest now..sorry i honestly didnt even read it i as so excited, ii roleld rightthru it and just identified a comment and didnt know that meme he made was an actual respose to a contest ok lemme do that now


Excellent. You should try my STEEM- Pocalypse survival game. The last winner pocketed over 800 STEEM!


I have been wanting to join really bad!


but you shall not outlast me @justcallmemyth muahahahah




I would like to create my own MUD based RPG on steemit where u have to play chess and other text based games insidethe game like Mario Party and I use a Youtube Livesttream vieo inside the steemit Postto direct the entire game all using comments on thepost that i will watch and read, in real time, so people can jst watch me in the post

and we can have a massive prive for a game like that !i know i can get a post like that up to $100 easily and allow for a $100 prize that I can pay out from my own loose SBD and recooop looses with payout 7 ddays later, or i can make the game last 7 days, like a real RPG should, and man the possibilities are freakkin endless ready for a Steemit RPG with real prizes and REAL random number generators and chess mini games and stuff???


too bad I lost last round


LOL - Genius!

I can hear him saying, "Hold on, I'm working here!"


heres the best I can do with MS paint!
But I think it worked well!

i just wish i could rotate him


Steemy McSteamFace - A Steam inspired dark-coloured skin for Steemit


Nice entry!

Here you go! Right before midnight!

Me trying make a meme what have you done to me @papa-pepper!



That Moment When Taco Bell Hits" Most fast food consumers know this to be so true. I thought of another one for this theme "What's In Your Taco Bell?"


LOL - I've seen "*you ate at taco bell too" a lot in porta-potties!


Wow! Amazing!!!!




OMG!! I actually won.....Thank you @papa-pepper :-)


First time entry into a meme contest :D


Here goes, let's try it.


LOL! Great!

Thank you sir may I have another?


Looks like we had similar ideas. :)

Hahah dont slap me for this please..




wow 92 bucks and u are giving out fifty buck! NICE profting of giveaways!!!

I am doing a similar giveaway series, ive already given out like 30 bucks ovr last two days (more than that actually)

and i have tHIS Post where ican afford to gve out firty five dollars if i can raise sixy on ths post!


maybe u can all help me get my post up to 60 dollars so I canafford to give out 45 dollars in freee SBD giveaways to hardworking minnos in the comments!

so far its up to $20 So i can afford to giive out like $12 , and I just wanna continu these giveaways and if i can get this post up to sixty bucks i cankeep giving out more free SBD!

anyway i LOVE these giveaways and thank u papapepper!

U inspired me to do my own giveaway posts with posts i saw u doing like this!

HERE IS MY SUBMISSION! sorry i almost forgot!


Cool, I'll check it!


dude can we organize a steemit chess match?or stemit monopoly? did u see my steemit chess in this post??
see how I got an ACTUAL chess game going with my friend using a simple image and MSpaint to change the pieces around and had it ALl in the comments??

Ready to play righthere???

Here Ill make the first two moves lol your turn!

your turn!
(Copy the image, paste it into MSpaint and then just move the pieces around, re copy, re paste as reply)

we can also do blackjack like this and poker and starcraft maybe????


I like this. Nice and easy.


Excellent! I love it!


Thank you sir

nice post @papa-pepper
follow me and voteup @hattaarshavin

Haha! Awesome..

Good post always!

Your post is very interesting to follow my brother @papa-pepper, and I do not get bored reading your article, oya my brother @nauval from @aceh. Do you want to share with me?

Here's my entry @papa-pepper! As always, I like to take a different approach! I hope you like it, thanks! I instantly thought about those crazy local car commercials when I saw this. Thanks @fubar-bdhr for the winning photo!

Here's a link to my post:


I'd buy a car from here.


Lol! SOLD!


lmao! The commercials would have been so much cooler than the crap today

I'm going to prepare to enter the fight

Lol. Lots of funny meme here. I cant wait to see the best winning. Best of luck to all the people gifted in meme.

Digging this contest @papa-pepper. Here's my entry lolmemecontestentryzacherybinx.png:

This is my entry for the contest. This was really fun to make and I think that @dwells should give us more pictures so that we can make more memes.


Quinn got me here! here is my meme! and followed you!


Thank you for the post and the information master @papa-pepper.

Atlast i joined @papa-pepper event..

Haha, he's going straight to the moon in that rocket! And I could see you twos had great laugh while going through all the entries @papa-pepper.


Yeah, it was an absolute blast. I'm looking forward to hanging out with @xtrodinarypilot & @xtdnrymompreneur in Texas tomorrow!


God bless TEXAS....

Great post my brother congrats to all the winners

Ha ha . Love it.

Entry #001


Hello @papa-pepper , that is a nice competition. Nice post.

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Congrats to the winner!!! Beautiful image!! ^_^

This was fun. :)

That feeling ughhh!

My official entry ..



Yup, that feeling...

For the fun of it... 😎


ch @globocop

Congratulations @papa-pepper!
Your post was mentioned in my hit parade in the following category:

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Entry #1: SteemGenie!

Move over Buzz Lightyear...


LOL - Nice!

The concept should be circular so the final song should be used to inspire a new photo and thus the circle starts again. The karmemic circle of Steemit.


Oooh! Interesting idea.

Hopefully this is a sign of things to come for me


Great entry! I think so!


The sensei has upvoted this post.

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