Whalin' Whalin' Whalin'

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Let's Keep them Whales A Whalin'!!!

Whale Feed1.jpg

Humpbacks, Bubble Feeding!

This group seem older. you can see some types of algae growing or barnacles. Those patches of white and red on the whale upper jaws. The other day, on a whale watch, we saw 3 Mola Mola (Ocean Sunfish), a Minke Whale, and 6 different Fin Whales. Oh yeah, and some 40 or so Humpbacks!

Tongue's Tho Cool.jpg

Thath Thoungue Ith Tho Cool!!

See it peeking out? little bit pink right?

Party of eight.jpg

This party of eight Humpbacks is bubble feeding

As I wrote the other day, Feeding Humpbacks find a bait ball of Sand Eels or Menhaden. They'll dive deep, then, start in a tight circle, under then, blow bubbles in this circle. This acts like a net, and keeps the fish trapped inside the ring of bubbles. Meanwhile, the whales, down deep rise into the center of this ball of fish... rising, they open their mouths, and as they hit the surface, they close and push the ocean water out, through baleen, and strain their catch.


Diving down deep!

When you see the whales do a blow, and then, arch their backs and you see the tail, like below, you know they are diving down for a bit, sometimes, 10 minutes, sometimes as long as 20, 30 or more minutes down deep.
And then, there's the Tail!
The humpback whale can range in length from 12–16 m (39–52 ft) and weigh around 25–30 metric tons. The tail seen diving in my shot below, can be up to 18 feet across, or 5.5 meters. Their scientific name Megaptera novaeangliae is derived from the Greek words “mega” meaning large and “pteron” meaning wing! Pretty easy to where they get the name, right?


Always, I strive to give back
To the animals and birds around me
to put more plants in than I take out
And be a good steward for the world around me!

All Photos by Bluefin Studios.

More whale photos here!



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Wonderful shots😍 I really like the social behavior of the humpbacks, they are really intelligent creatures.

Brilliant creatures, majestic and very social. Raising their young, working cooperatively, and social as well.

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@bluefinstudios, Whales 🐳 are so huge and when they do some Acrobatic stuff that really looks eye-catching effect.

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@bluefinstudios wow amazing views.. great you got such detail and to see the stuff growing on them.. hope it didnt rock the boat.. heard on #pypt

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thanks for sharing at #pypt discord, you took an amazing photo's.

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I love those photos @bluefinstudios, I have never seen whales close up only through binoculars. They are such a amazing creatures. Thanks for sharing them with us all xx

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Now those are some whales! Of the proper sort, too. Saw this on #pypt today. Great whales!

Seen that bubble feeding technique on a few different nature shows and I bet it is even more intense live!

It's so cool, live. AND at one point, they used the boat as a side, we were literally inside with them!

Man that would have been a total thrill! Cool experience.

So far, every time I go out on a whale watch, it is, TOTAL THRILL!

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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thank you for explaining the bubble feeding!!

I wonder how many younger people missed the reference to the theme song of the television show "Rawhide" at the beginning of the post...? 🐮

These photos are wonderful and I am fascinated by the description of how these creatures feed. What an amazing thing Mother Nature is!

In the photo with the whale's tongue, what are the bumps on the upper part of the body? Are those part of the whale's skin, or barnacles that have attached themselves?

Thanks for bringing this wonderment to PYPT! 🙌

Almost all my posts have songs and lyrics hiding inside!
The bumps are some Barnicles and some skin texture.

Oh! I love these shots. Mostly because I've always wanted to spend time with whales. What wonderful animals.

Oh, Katrina... they're amazing. Stunning creatures, and they're so social, such a tight grouping.

As for their movements, and all? Majestic, over used, sure, but so apt.