Duck On the Roof - My Kind of Morning!

in wildlife •  2 years ago


Hey guys, so before I was even able to grab my coffee this morning a big fat Muscovy duck who has been fed by our neighbor flew towards our house. I was afraid he wasn't going to make it over. He landed on the roof and stayed for a little while.



I was cool with it but Chico wasn't.



I think the duck could sense he wasn't welcome, due to Chico's nonstop barking (I couldn't stop laughing)


So he took off, and so did Chico (dog will hunt)


These ducks are so big that when they flap their wings it's so loud. Oh well, nobody was hurt.

Thanks for stopping by, Steemians!

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chico looks a little busy to go chasing a duck lol

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In my best Marcellus Wallace impression. "Motherducker!"