Flowers on bushes also produce beauriful and colorful Flowers.

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Today i was thinking what to share with you guy's and i think about flowers,so i look around near to our house cause our house was sorrounded with lot's of bushes.

I found some good flowers and nice flowers,i can't imagine i was sorrounded with this beautiful flowers. But that yellow one i think it's a lost plants of squash or something i don't know that plants maybe i'll check it soon when it bears fruit.



I also saw this cute colorful flowers,people here knows the name of this flowers i ask my aunty but She did not also know the name of this flowers. Imagine we are sorrounded with flowers but i didn't know the name of those flowers.

It was one of my great explore today about this wildflower at the bushes.

Thank you for dropping by and take time to read,Have a Blessed Day Ahead.

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