Global Tensions Peak as California sets ABLAZE! – Oct 12th, 2017

in wildfires •  last year

The west coast fires are getting worse and worse by the day, lighting up the state in an apocalyptic fury! World superpowers are beginning to collide, as the US starts preparing for war with North Korea, while Russia and even the UK make their own plans of action for the upcoming nuclear scenario. Can you afford to miss this episode of The Bishop Un-F*cking-Censored???

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If fires don't do it all, it seems nukes will be lighting everyone up.


Without a doubt!

The west coast of America burns as the flames of desire for war also burns in the hearts of man. I didn't have to be this way though... there was another way offered... but they refused that olive branch time and time again


Truly sad.

I wonder how much longer North Korea is going to be around?


We'll see!

Nukes and wars! That's what it takes for america to learn...

This war is about to start any minute!

Those fires also destroyed cannabis crops during harvest time and threatened the states famous wine grape.