Wikileaks Release- McCain Solicited Illegal Bribe From Russian Ambassador Who Just Died UnexpectedlysteemCreated with Sketch.

in wikileaks •  3 years ago  (edited)

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Funny that's what always seems to happen to anyone that has dirt on the Clinton's as well.

Oh my the irony of Mr. fear mongering against Russia himself caught with his dirty little corrupted #deepstate hands in the Russian cookie jar.

Let's hope this leads to this traitor's resignation.

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images from this article ........

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Looked for the actual WikiLeaks doc and here it is, clear as day and real as can be:,_20_Oct_2008


Great stuff you two!


  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Check @ 0:52 second mark

Warmonger McCain needs to be indicted!!!!!

Yep- he wants war with Russia then put him and the rest of the war pigs at the tip of the spear where they belong- give them some spetsnaz therapy

Many new of his dirty deeds but never knew when the proof would come out.

Although I am grateful to have a forum where free thinkers can gather and exchange ideas I'm disappointed that BIG news like this, that as far I as know I broke on Steemit- earns but a penny- but if I post a few pics of how I groomed my dogs anus hairs and slapped it up in 'photography' the post would hit $20- this article- just a penny- LOL- SMH

sadly! true! But remember that only three percent fought the american revolutionary war! we that care and fight may be few, but we are determined, strong, and will prevail!


He hasn't been charged with treason for the last 60 years, I wouldn't count on it now.