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Earlier this evening, Christine Assange spoke with Dennis Bernstein of Flashpoints on KPFA Pacifica radio, along with Randy Credico and John Pilger.

The entire segment can be listened to here!

At the beginning of the hour, Pilger gave his thoughts on the drums of war being sounded against Russia, with the latest sanctions against Wikileaks Editor-In-Chief Julian Assange being enacted in the context of silencing the most effective anti-war journalist of our time. He referred to the rabid anti-Russia hysteria of the establishment as:

"A kind of collective insanity... This can only end in the kind of horrific war that would devastate both sides. At the center of this, are those who stand against it. They have to be swept aside one by one, and clearly the most prominent are Julian Assange and Wikileaks."

During Christine Assange's discussion, she told Bernstein and Credico about the various ways that the public can help fight for Julian Assange and for Wikileaks. She also explained that the tweet for which the government of Ecuador has said Julian was banned was entirely factual and historically accurate. She said that current powers are afraid of the truth and afraid of facts.

Christine noted that shortly before his contact with the outside world was cut off, Assange had been invited to give evidence on Cambridge Analytica and Facebook, with the former being tied with a wide variety of dirty tactics. She then cited the "Incredible pressure on Ecuador to hand Julian over to the U.S," which has been of great concern to supporters of Wikileaks and Julian Assange.

She cited the millions of dollars spent, as reported by Craig Murray, to discredit Julian's protector, the previous President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa. She then added the obsession with attacking Assange shown by former CIA Director Mike Pompeo last year, as well as war-hawk John Bolton. Christine summed up the fundamental motives behind silencing the Wikileaks Editor-In-Chief: "The U.S. wants to shut Julian up... and everyone is leaning on Ecuador."

Christine observed on the political tension stemming from Assange's support for Catalonian self-determination, saying: "You don't have to be on the side of Spain, or Catalonia, to be against the brutal crackdown by Spain against the Catalonian people." Christine explained that, though she disliked the bandying about of the word fascism, the actions of Spain could be described as the "classical form of fascism."

As this writer previously noted, Assange has been very clear on the fact that his support for Catalonia is not in terms of supporting independence, but is specifically in support on their right to self-determination as a people under Article One of the United Nations, telling well-respected Italian press outlet Repubblica:

"I have supported Article One of the United Nations: there must be self-determination for peoples, not self-determination for every family or small town, but self-determination for a people. Catalans have their own language, culture and so they are people: they have the right to self-determination. Whether they should be independent is an entirely different question. My own personal belief is that it would be better if the rest of Spain was nice to them and they were nice to the rest of Spain and they all lived happily together, but that isn't my decision to make, that is their decision to make."

In addressing the coalescing reasons behind the latest sanction against Julian, Christine said:

"Power aligns. Let's not mince words here.... There is a struggle for freedom throughout the world in every country. We're at a point now where we need people power. I like a quote from George Orwell: If there's any hope it lies in the proles. That's us... it's the people who stand up, particularly in democracies where they have some sort of a voice, and demand leaders act in their interest. The fight for liberty is a constant battle. The price of liberty is eternal vigilance, a U.S. President said... We are at a stage now where there is a global war, and there is a global war on journalism, on truthful journalism. We have to step it up, the people must step it up."

Christine also acknowledged the multiple petitions that were brought to Ecuadorian representatives yesterday, including one signed by members of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity(VIPS). Another Spanish-language petition signed by European thinkers was delivered personally to Lenin Moreno yesterday, according to the Courage Foundation.

Christine emphasized the importance of action, not just words, with Credico describing her sentiments encouraging 'Warriors, not worriers.' As an example, she listed the ten hour #ReconnectJulian online vigil, which this author was humbled to participate in. She said: "All sorts of people joined together from around the world to stop the US leaning on Ecuador to silence Julian."

Christine then related that, in addition to the resumption of that online vigil effort, a global social media network is being created to support Julian. The first Twitter account is @AssangeAction, which she said has been secured and will be operating soon, noting that it would also be mirrored in countries throughout the world, and that the #ReconnectJulian hashtag would be a good way to keep in touch with this effort.

She then noted that another tangible act of support would be to: "Take to the streets to protect the rights of journalists to give us the truth." She said that the on-the-street-actions include supporting and joining with the the long-term activists who have been holding weekly vigils in London outside the Ecuadorian embassy where Julian Assange is detained, at 3 Hans Crescent, London. Christine encouraged those in London to go to the embassy and support those long term protestors.

This author previously reported on the long standing vigil efforts outside the Ecuadorian embassy, which has been organized by incredibly brave activists ever since Assange sought asylum there. Ciaron O'Reilly and Emmy Butlin, both incredible activists in their own right, are available on Twitter, and have been long time activists on the ground conducting these vigils. The site associated with Ciaron and Emmy's efforts has a calendar for organized vigils for those who can make it.

As Ciaron told this writer:

"“The embassy solidarity vigil was started when Julian entered the embassy. It is primarily sustained by a Chilean woman who survived the Pinochet coup, an Irish activist, a Colombian who survived being shot by a death squad, another Colombian torture survivor, a Greek activist.”

During the radio segment, Christine advised those who could get to London to stand at the embassy to bring placards and do so. She added that there are organized vigils about four times a week, organized on Twitter at @JA_Defence. She added that those in Australia can support Julian by keeping an eye on the Twitter account @SAWCSydney" (Support Assange and Wikileaks Coalition Sydney), for any upcoming events.

Christine then characterized the current government of Ecuador as "wavering," on its commitment to protect Assange from the aggression of Western military interests, and implored Ecuador's President Lenin Moreno to continue its courageous protection of a political prisoner, to not allow his legacy to become that of the President who caved to the pressure of outside interests:

"We are very grateful to Ecuador, they stepped up when no one else would. They've shown sovereignty, principal, ethics and courage in protecting Julian from the US. But with the change of leadership... they are now coming under extreme pressure, and the Ecuadorian gov appears to be wavering, and this is critically dangerous for Julian, and because that has happened, people allover the world are galvanizing and organizing actions."

"Stand up for sovereignty of your country, you've got a wonderful country, you have a fabulous constitution. Don't let down Ecuador, don't let down Julian, don't let down free press. The [Ecuadorian] constitution backs free press. Stand strong, the people will stand with you. Be remembered for the President who carried on the democracy in Ecuador, who stood strong and tall, and didn't cave, you will be remembered for this. Don't be remembered for the President who rolled over for yet another US coup of a South American country.

Those who wish to financially support Julian Assange's legal battle can donate to his Legal Defense Fund

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Listening to Christine talk so passionately and eloquently about Julian was so emotional for me. At the end of the day he's a human being, a man who's been unjustly imprisoned for years with no charges, and is being even further cut off from people that care about him.

Her strength and intelligence is rallying and bold, and the urgency to keep amplifying the message of unity and compassion for Julian has never been more clear.

People need to stand up. Elizbeth is standing up, You stand up, I Stand up, who else is standing up?

There aren't words to describe how frustrated I am with the treatment of Julian Assange. The man needs to be free ASAP.

I agree 100%!

I can't even pretend that I would be so brave and vocal. I've always been seen as courageous by friends, but this level of pressure and the grace they exhibit is so far beyond- awe inspiring sounds too cliche but that's all I have.

I can't get over the fact that he's banned right now, for standing against someone being politically imprisoned. The West's hypocrisy is being thoroughly unmasked through this treatment of Julian.

You know, I hate to be a pessimist but I have thought that same thing about so many different situations. That it is FINALLY obvious , no denying. I mean when Trump was elected I was actually comforted by the idea that this would be it, there would be NO way that people could be blind after listening to him. Telling African UN leaders he has "a lot of friends going to their countries trying to get rich", admitting he doesn't pay taxes because he's 'smart', on and on . I thought "That's it, doesn't get much more clear cut than that". Turns out I'm either being gaslighted by the majority of the population in some bizarre Truman Show or , IDK people just do not have any sort of logical reasoning capacity. Or we are living in a simulation, or some other weird explanation. I'm at a loss.

So true, and by keeping him IN this position they keep exposing the fact of how horrible they are.

Rafael Correa is THE ONLY President who dared to do the right thing, and I hope that the new President can collect the courage to do the same thing. And with this Ecuador has showed us how ALL the European countries are lapdogs of the deepstate.

I wish Julian all the strength to carry on to do what is right.

The real problem seems to be the collective silence of the mainstream media. (world wide)

Let's hope Ecuador doesn't cave in to U.S. Govt pressure.

Excellent work!


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