Where is Julian Assange ? It's now been 57 days since verifiable proof-of-life .

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I haven't posted on steemit about Wikileaks and Julian Assange much lately, but it's still weighing heavily on my mind.

I'm 99% convinced that Julian Assange has been captured and/or killed since the day his internet connection was cut.

Since that day, there have been countless suspicious out of character tweets, and a whole lot of theater from a LOT of people - but still no proof-of-life.

Recently, anyone that even asks for proof of life is being attacked and accused of running a "Black-PR" campaign against Wikileaks. Persist enough, and the wikileaks account will block you on twitter as they have to at least dozens of their OG supporters.

This hurts, and only convinces me further that they've been compromised. Julian wouldn't do this.

Why I care so much about Julian and Wikileaks

I've been following Julian and his journey since long before Wikileaks even started - because my own journey has been similar in many ways. The early days of BBS systems and phone phreaking were an amazing preview of what would one day become the internet - and "Mendax" and I slipped in and out of many of the same systems and circles over the years.

Take the time to read "Underground" by Suelette Dreyfus.
Its available in many formats, for free at underground-book.net.

There was something magical about hacktivism back then, everything felt so much more raw and direct. For many fellow phreakers & hacktivists it was our first taste of true power over this whole world that was completely invisible to the average person. Many became completely addicted to this search for knowledge, more code, more systems, more power.

These early discoveries and adventures moulded me into the "crazy/paranoid" person I am today - and I wouldn't take any of it back for the world. It opened my eyes to a whole underworld, and trained me to never accept things at face value again.

Decades later, I discovered steemit - and within about 2 weeks of joining I had recognised that the average Steemian was a lot more open minded and anarchistic then your usual netizen and decided to start @steemleak as a way to attempt to give something back to Julian for setting me on this path.

I worked on @steemleak for months, fundraising for wikileaks and helping spread the most important leaks as best as I could without taking a cent of the proceeds for myself.

The moment things didn't feel right to me, I suspended donations and announced this fact.

All funds have stayed in the @steemleak account - I would rather burn the whole account and my reputation then potentially pay an intelligence agency for murdering yet another one of my heroes.

So, whats the problem with Wikileaks ?

I've already posted a full timeline of events since his dissapearance, I'm not sure how many people took it seriously :

Heres a short summary of just a few of the basic issues:

  • "Wikileaks" has refused or been unable to use their PGP key since the internet was cut.
  • "WikiLeaks" Twitter behavior changed to become more partisan, less "professional".
  • "WikiLeaks" said they would provide proof of life weeks ago and still haven't.
  • "WikiLeaks" has now requested that people stop asking for proof of life.
  • "Wikileaks" blamed their own supporters for the massive DDOS that disrupted their own site.
  • "Wikileaks" did a reddit AMA where verification was never provided - they claimed a broken Imgur link contained a verification selfie from a staff member. No one except the brand new anonymous mod team has allegedly seen this verification.
  • All "phone interviews" have all been terrible audio quality, only happened after Adobe VoCo was released, and do not respond realistically to questions from the interviewers - often speaking over the top as though it was a pre-recorded soundboard.
  • In all of this time there have been no sightings of Assange from the embassy windows.
  • Many of the Wikileaks team members still have not spoken publicly since the internet was cut
  • The Swedish lawyer never questioned Assange directly, it was done via Ecuadorian Embassy member. She did not physically see him. Neither did Assange's own lawyer.
  • The permanent UK police presence at the embassy stopped the same day his internet was cut.
  • Many of the periscope streamers that were at the embassy are now MIA
  • The main wikileaks DNS server changed on the same day as the internet was cut
  • The BBC reported and then tried to retract that assange's arrest was "imminent" that same day.
  • The RT Pilger interview shows signs of editing, and there was a Pilger interview back in August that's now dissapeared from the internet. I believe they've simply edited the older interview, deleted the original and reuploaded it as new "proof".
  • RiseUp.net (WikiLeaks email services provider) has NOT renewed their quarterly warrant canary and are refusing to answer questions about it.
  • All releases since his internet was cut have lacked any real impact, and the total file count on wikileaks.org is steadily decreasing.
  • John Podesta had been publicly mocking Julian, and he was also in London the day Assange dissapeared.
  • EmbassyCat had been quiet ever since the internet was cut, but recently came back to life with only old photos.
  • Pamela Anderson has no prior history with Assange before her visit on the day the internet was cut, despite her claims - but the media is attempting to spread the rumor she's pregnant with his child.
  • Several people have claimed to visit Assange randomly, there are never any witnesses to this - and nobody ever takes photos despite the huge public outcry for proof of life.
  • Assange never published from the Ecuadorian embassy, but this was still used as the reason for why the internet was cut.
  • The election is now over, and Ecuador still has not reconnected the internet or answered questions about it.
  • Realistically, Assange never would have been reliant on the embassy wifi in the first place. The excuse never made any sense.

The list of problems with this situation could fill a dozen posts and still not scratch the surface.

Despite how the mainstream media is trying to downplay fears, at least 23% of all incoming tweets to wikileaks are concerned supporters asking for Proof of Life.

Here's a short video from Milo Yiannopoulos covering the basic timeline :

There is a dedicated public subreddit about this at /r/whereisassange , as well as multiple private subreddits, forums and discord chat rooms packed full of people researching this around the clock.

We're not crazy. Wikileaks has been compromised.

What now ?

I'm not sure I'll ever really get closure on this.
If my suspicions are correct we will never see Julian again, and whoever is in control will continue this charade weekend-at-bernies style for as long as possible.

Wikileaks has become an incredibly powerful political tool, and at this point too many people have gotten involved in the coverup to admit it. There would be massive political blowback on London, Ecuador and Sweden for their part in this lie if the public ever got to learn the full details.

I'll continue to monitor the situation, but these flimsy "proofs" are pretty insulting and now being accused of spreading misinformation for pointing out glaringly obvious problems is starting to really piss me off.

I'm trying not to burn bridges, I'll continue to hold on to a tiny little sliver of hope that he's not dead - but I don't know how much more I can take..

~ @ausbitbank ~

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Seriously unnerving news .. I had no idea he was incommunicado for so long. Praying the the UN has some influence in Julian's case, not that there is any history of anyone following their recommendations/rulings .. the man deserves to walk free with some walking-around $$$ from the state(s) that were responsible for keeping him under house arrest for so many years!

http://imgur.com/N3bBSHd I am not sure where I got this, but according to this wikileaks is no longer controlled by the same faction. I fear if Assange does return, he will be a clone or compromised. He did so much for the truth and life saving in many cases. I hold out hope that he had an escape plan and was taken into hiding before the big black cars showed up the day the internet was cut, with humans of trust to protect him.


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Thanks mate :)


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Two observations,

  1. Assange would have to be physically removed - if either captured or killed. If any actor has him, he is more valuable alive - ergo he is alive.
  2. The Ecuadorian embassy has first hand knowledge of his status and would have to be directly complicit in any bad scenario so no 'raid' would be necessary.

It seems like no proof of life is possible if Assange is determined to warrant sufficient resources. Consider this:
Here is a fake video -

done with something superior to this software -

*Osama Bin Laden style look-alikes are clearly feasible and used by intelligence agencies
*DNA testing requires having a prior sample that has maintained a trusted chain of custody until it can be compared to a new sample and that sample has to be done by some place that can somehow be proven trustable.

Perhaps the most usable proof is the continued release of leaks that harm the prime culprit candidates.


Thanks.. I'm aware of the transfers I don't think it can be taken as proof of life - just proof that the wallet has been cleared out of all the donations :o/


Theres blockchain comms going on before and after - more details in my comment on that clip.

tinfoil fat on
Also some sheer speculation with interesting timing:
tinfoil hat off


Research continues. There is way more in the blockchain. h ttps://endchan.xyz/pol/res/20366.html#20607

@ausbitbank Did you know Ecuador lost all electricity on 20th Oct?


No I didnt, thanks for the heads up

Thank you for sharing all of this material. Please keep it up. You did a lot of great work explaining your theory and using facts to back it up. That's helpful.

If I had to guess, I would say they're probably re-educating him daily, so when he does come out, he might look the same but his first words will be "wikileaks is a stupid idea". That's when we know we have a zombified Julian back. :(

You're not the only one concerned. I've seen videos on both sides of this, one saying he's alive and well and waiting for the right moment to re-emerge (doesn't sound like Julian to me). Others saying WL has been compromised by CIA and a CIA Black-ops team took him away after police protection was withdrawn. I'd just like to know something definitive...Like everybody else I guess.

Killing it Ausbitbank, another great post. Re-steemed.

The tone of Assange has changed completely, if you pay close attention.

  • Cliched repetition of the 80s CIA-Taliban connection, with dollops of SJW tonology.
  • Mocking of people asking for PGP signatures.

This is very suspicious. There were are also anon. tips about Assange having escaped to Russia (search 4chan). Seems unlikely considering the timing of the rendition flight.

Things are going very 1984-ish all around the world.


@krr Julian occasionally mispronounces the word ask as 'aksk'. I didn't hear it in the video.

Was the EmbassyCat tweet an old photo? You would imagine it would be found within the same account feed if so.
Personally I think Assange is alive and allow this to unfold for some kind of strategic advantage - that I'm not certain of, only a hunch.
Of course taking him out would reflect directly on Clinton and Podesta (also considering Breitbarts highlighted tensions with Podesta prior to his death). If they did do so, then this would be exactly how they would do it (in a way to offset the timeline).
Good work :) We are all hoping for the best of Julians well-being.


i agree, most likely he's still alive and laying low...maybe for fear of his life. Still, it would not be entirely out of character for some nation's assassins to take him out or abduct him.


I really hope you're right, but the longer this drags out the less hope I have.
At first I thought maybe they were trying to build hype and get attention that way, but now the election is over and the leaks stopped being useful weeks ago - seems like a bit of a fail thats all..

Edit The new cat pics look way younger, compared to the photos of the cat in the tie looking out the window when he was supposedly being "interviewed" by the swedish lawyers (without ever being seen by anyone). Also the second last tweet from the cat (owned by an Australian, in London) was going on about thanksgiving...


His incredibly tactfully minded as you know, and the embassy is being watched very closely by the public. I doubt that he had/has not organized external surveillance on the embassy itself. I don't see anyone being able to raid that place without it being recorded.

It's a very unpredictable political/business climate, perhaps he is awaiting for the change of players in the US judicial structure - DOJ and AG, before popping his head up. Highly unlikely, but he may have sneaked out of the embassy himself - and utilizing the suspicion as his own protective cover.

I think one way or another, we will have our answer soon.


I hope so.. I need closure. If I'm wrong about this then I have a lot of catching up to do with steemleak

Roger Stone will know. For sure.