What the hell ? Chelsea Manning witnessed guard murders in the prison, reported officially and nobody cares ?

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In all of the crazyness of the last few weeks yet another critically important story has been swept under the rug.

Chelsea Manning reported what seems to be a failed intelligence operation, that included murdering prison guards and seemingly preparing to set off a bomb inside the prison. She seems to imply that this is an inside job and this part is completely ignored by the mainstream media.

This New York Times article titled "Chelsea Manning Tried Committing Suicide a Second Time in October" sandwiches this report between the official denial and a few implications she's insane.

This "little" incident is too important to be "forgotten" in the chaos of transition to Trump.

Original PDF Report of Complaints https://assets.documentcloud.org/documents/3213878/Binder2.pdf

I've converted the PDF pages into individual images, linked each image to its full size version - and will attempt to summarize facts in case the pdf and articles disappear.

Cover Letter

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To: The Inspector general of the Intelligence Community Investigations Division
From: Chelsea Elizabeth Manning
Date: October 17 2016

Specific Action Requested:

To document and investigate allegations of malicious activities with an intent to psychologically harm, abusive discretion by intelligence community officials, and potential criminal actions by intelligence community personnel

Information Pertaining to this Request:

From approximately 6pm on October 10, 2016 to approximately 7am on October 11, 2016 at least four (4) unidentifiable intelligence community personnel, consisting of at least one (1) female (pseudonym ‘Jessica’) and three (3) males (one with the pseudonym ‘Ramsey’) planned and executed an elaborate simulated terrorist attack, prison breakout, kidnapping, and hostage situation, with the intent: a) to create fear, helplessness, terror, and severe psychological distress; b) to facilitate, entice, and coerce a segregated inmate in an isolated cell within a maximum security military prison, specifically the U.S. Disciplinary Barracks, to engage in serious criminal activity.

Page 1

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The first conversation overheard have some verifiable info that shouldn't have been known by Chelsea (in solitary):

A) The "Cyber attack on the east coast" was related to the Dyn DNS DDOS attack, widely believed to have been done by a state level actor. Wikileaks twitter account extremely suspiciously blamed wikileaks supporters for this epic scale attack on wikileaks, reddit, twitter and 4chan...

B) The PALS alarm system exists and functions as described, here's PALS design guide , system specs for the individual alarms and the ATLAS control system from Actall.net .

Page 2

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These conversations read like a terrible script , specifically to be heard by Chelsea . I found the "Saudi Arabian" accent interesting, since S.A and Qatar fund most of Hillary Clintons campaign (and ISIS) - revelations coming out right around the time of this attack.

Arabic for "The Base" is Al-Qaeda - manning would know this, I wonder if he's refusing to namedrop a known asset/boogeyman because he knows thats all that would be repeated in the media. "Al-Qaeda attacks military prison" would sounds good for the military industrial complex's goals, "spy agency murders hero" not so much ..

Page 3

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Clearly these are not prison staff either, but they have military language and habits.
Checking your name tag before saying who you are was super smooth.
This feels like a well equipped and guided false flag attack, but it was being carried out by people with no actual field or social engineering experience.

I've seen many signs of contractor inexperience and sloppyness in past false-flag events , it seems as though the a lot of boots on the ground work is done by expendable deniable pawns with limited experience .

Page 4

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Once it was made clear Chelsea was not cooperating or believing their story the mood changed to dejection and anger.
Immediately followed by a close call with a guard, and another cover up murder - they seemed to abort the mission here.

My theory on the true situation ? Pure Speculation now

Manning saw enough to have knowledge of the horrific bigger picture of the true special access programs being run by the US government and its owners.

If this operation was successful Manning would have dissapeared or been killed, and it would have been blamed on her "extremist muslim" supporters. They could have potentially been setting her up to die in the bomb explosion, if the bomb was even real in the first place.

I think this is worth investigating further. The bare minimum media response to what should be a pretty big story is a red flag imo.

~ @ausbitbank ~

psst: I updated my massive comet ping pong post with more info - check it out!

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It could be that media doesn't know yet. Have you tried reporting this to some media sources like The Guardian? I expected them to have a story about this, but I can't see it on their site.

On the otherhand, a lot of mainstream media gives 0 fucks towards people like Chelsea Manning, and view them as "traitors" just like Snowden, which is quite sad.


The New York Times published it, but with the implication that she's insane and its all imagined.
I really doubt others will report this tbh, you're right they give 0 fucks .. Will submit to the guardian for shits and giggles.

Edit: Theres a bunch of new articles out in the last few hours of her asking for a sentence reduction, none mention the attack or report ..

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

That's bizarre. Sounds more like a "fuck with Chelsea/bait her into cooperating with fake jailbreakers to justify extra punishment or extra charges" operation more than anything. I doubt anyone was actually shot by suppressed pistols.


Very possible - I hope so, but even if that's the case and everyone but Manning knew it was fake - I'm pretty sure that would be illegal and worth investigating.
Poor thing has already been through years of solitary and mindfuckery - this is getting beyond cruel and unusual imo ..

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