Wifi Sweetspot

in wifi •  last month 

Since moving into the new place I have been struggling with wifi issues. I am pretty much piggybacking on an optimum hotspot. I mean I am doing it legally but the signal is whack. It never goes beyond 50% signal strength. For a web addict like me this is mad painful. So I have been scrambling like a junkie trying to get the best location for the strongest signal. At first I set up in the living room but I couldn’t even get online. So I relocated to the bedroom and did get online albeit with a meh signal strength. So yesterday evening I moved back to the living room. With a lot of rearranging and repositioning I finally got a much better wifi signal. Hopefully it stays strong until I get fios like in a month’s time. Gratitude for small mercies no doubt. I can’t live without my Internets. Not gonna lie. I hardly ever unplug. Never far from keyboard.

wireless-signal-1119306_640 (1).png

Image by Samuel1983 from Pixabay

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