#WhiteisWhite Tuesday Animal Photography Challenge

in whiteiswhite •  8 months ago

This past weekend for Cinco de Mayo my gf and I decided to head out to the beach for some R&R. We found a nice secluded spot along the pass to avoid the masses at the beach nearby. We had full Sun to get some rays and a bit of shade from the mangroves to hide if needed. Just happened to get a few pics suitable for the #whiteiswhite challenge initiated by @dmcamera.

Not long after getting settled in, we broke into the cooler for some cold suds and our lunch. Almost immediately, a great white egret showed up looking for a few handouts.

This is exactly why people should not feed birds. It creates this unnatural behavior in them to seek food from human presence...so don't feed the birds!

This big guy hung out for a minute waiting for scraps, because that's unfortunately what he's used to.

Eventually I shooed him away to go bother someone else.

photos captured with Canon 80D/18-135mm ©2018

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#hotsorshots #thealliance #steemusa
until next time...
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Nice shots! I haven't seen an egret before. That's one heck of a break! She wasn't after your beer, was she?


you would've seen a dead egret if it was after my beer!

How amazing to be this close to these birds, we don't have them in our country so this is amazing to me!


thanks @vtravels, they are actually all over the place down here!


Amazing! Look forward to seeing more of your posts :)

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Great shots @liberty-minded
Looks like a nice relaxing time too 😎🍻

Beautiful shot of a beautiful bird. And love me some Modelo as well :)

Thanks for sharing @liberty-minded

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