This Is A Picture of White

in #whitelast year (edited)

I am the greatest artist of all time and today I present to you my most glorious creation to date!

But first I must ask you to prepare yourself accordingly.

  • Clean your screens.
  • Scrub your glasses if you wear them.
  • Set the lights to a moderate to dim level of brightness.
  • Close the blinds if it is day time.
  • Open the blinds if it is night.

If you fail to follow these procedures, you will fail to see how good I truly am at what I do and that will be your fault! How dare you...

Are you sitting comfortably? Good. You are ready.



White is not just a color anymore.

It's a lifestyle!

Now. Choose your destiny. Click White to see Red, or click here to be sorry.

© 2020 @NoNamesLeftToUse. All rights reserved.


I thought that was polar bears in a snowstorm... I 'art' so bad.

Beautiful interpretation! Never sell yourself short.

You're cool brothe. I just make it for you


That's awesome! Thanks!

You're welcome

FYI: The links simply lead to two different stories I wrote recently. Some new art behind White as well. For entertainment only. No need to support the work if you don't want to or can't. That's totally cool.

I don't know quite what to make of this. I'd have to say it is a good work of modern art though.

It's the greatest thing to ever hit the art scene since art first made a scene!

I can't believe i did all these things and I cant still see shit.. you know people read art differently and i see the beauty in your greatest art

Not being able to see what's there is how one sees what's there!

Wise words from a great artist..

White is boring, black tomorrow?

Maybe green?

You could go through the entire spectrum, I doubt anyone looks or cares anymore.

People look when the greatest artist of all time shows up. ;)

Racist! J/k.


Of course it is!

Yeah brother I so love what you are doing here is awesome