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When mummy is in a good mood, they get to eat their favorite food - - - homemade chicken nuggets and chicken feet stew. For some people, the sight of chicken feet is such an "ewwwww", but my youngest son super loves it. However, my eldest son doesn't eat chicken feet nor any fat part of any meat. His throat will automatically gag reflex once it detects jelly-soft-fat substance. What a difference between the two.

I celebrate their difference, and today I am proud of myself to gear up to cook the chicken nuggets. More preps. More cleaning up after that, but looks at those happy faces, totally worth it! The eldest actually took time to enjoy everyyy bite. He even shaped the nuggets into giraffe. The effects of online learning. He just learned about all the tall buildings in the world, the teacher said tall buildings like giraffes. Lol...


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[WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)

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