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Greetings Steemians,

I took this photo last night in Upstate New York.
July 4th was a full moon. (Some sources say Waxing Gibbous and July 5th as full.)It emitted an orange glow here the entire night.

I took a bunch of photos with my smartphone camera and this one maintained the best focus. It is not edited in any way.

Samsung 13MP
Res 4128X1908
Aperture F1.9
Focal length 3.60mm
ISO 1600
Exposure time 1/10s

Thank you for stopping by, much love!

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Nice photo, and congrats on the $10 already.
I am happy for all my friends here, but really sad for myself. Almost nothing I do goes above 50 cents, even whole photo albums of great snaps, documentaries I spent dozens of hours on, etc. I can't figure this place out. The curators are blind, I'm sure of it. 3 years of being abused and having my initial investment stolen from me, it's pathetic at this point. If not for you and a couple other things I'd already have stopped bothering to post or comment here. It's a ghost town for anyone not on the gravy train with the curators. I'm on the hidden shit list and there's nothing I can do about it except realize when I'm wasting my time and stop doing so.

Hello there. My name is David, you probably figure it out from my handle. I'm sorry for your income, but you can change that by using on your cellphone.

Try not to abuse yourself buddy. I feel the same when I post in "the other" Blockchain, despite I'm posting similar quality of unique material, somehow I just don't get as much engagement like here in #steem. Your post did not get noticed for some reason, may be due to wrong kind of crowd? You can change that by direct it to the right channel here in WhereIn.

Be positive my friend. Lemme smash that follow button for you and I will be looking forward to see you in @wherein.

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Hi @drutter,
It's moving to know you've stuck around for relationships and a couple of other things while battling a negative ROI on your investment.

It's certainly difficult to figure out everything out about Steem. I've been here since 2017-12-22, and change has been constant. Adapting to change isn't my strong point, and it's difficult to know/project/guess what changes are yet to come with Steem.

I remember openmic on Steem, and I used to contribute entries. Most of them did alright, but some musicians were always making bank, (and with some it definitely had nothing to do with music) and I remember always feeling bothered about it.
I was considering leaving Steem before Music For Steem came along, and my first entry in was my highest paid post ever.. Didn't see that coming..

I mention that little bit because despite going by "futuremind" I can't claim to know what the future holds anymore than the next person, and who knows what might come along for you on Steem bro. Maybe nothing will, or maybe something great will. I'm hoping for the latter for you.

Thank you for always being supportive and taking time to comment, despite seeing these payouts and feeling like you're left out on Steem. I hope anyone with a little VP sees your comment and puts some love on it, and even more than that, I hope some people start checking out your wonderful blog more.

You have a lot to offer the world. You're a brilliant man with purpose. Hang in there bro. 🤗

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You lose! 你输了!愿赌服输,请给我点赞~

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A great picture I will keep on my phone Thank you for sharing us

I'm happy you like the photo my friend :)

It was a very beautiful night. Looks like you had quite a vantage point! And I love the photo - interesting streaks through the moon, cool spots of light, balance, and quite the focus. Nice work. You're talented at so many things!

Thank you @owasco,
I wish the camera would have picked up how orange the moon was. It was quite spectacular, and the streaks, along with the reflection on the water is what stopped me dead in my tracks.

I'm not fond of heights and had to stand on a sketchy bridge over the water to get this photo. I snapped a bunch as quick as I could and got out of there 😂


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That was an excellent shot. A very beautiful scene.

Thank you my friend 😊

Hi Jake, how are u doing? What a beautiful photo. Your shot is very precise, Jake. Your photo gives the impression of a very romantic night atmosphere. I really enjoyed it, Jake. Have a nice day.

Hi my friend, I am well and hope you are also well.
Thank you for the kind words about my photo, there was definitely a romantic feeling in the air on that night.
Have a nice day my friend.