The Dog Admires: Adventurous People

in wheelchair •  5 months ago

I just passed this man heading down the Nufenen Mountain Pass on a wheelchair!

Gutsy, cool, admirable and a little crazy!

Keep on Steeming.

Until next time,

(The Old Dog)

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What the hell is my grandfather doing down there??? Gramps, wait for me!!!


Good one! In fact he was 65++

Hello my dear friend, I am happy to be here with you again, I had to retire 4 days from the platform, because I had a very important event in my church, but I came back, and I gave a tour of all your publications different places you were in my absence hahaha, really super great, one place is more beautiful than another, your last pos yesterday left me breathless, just to see that imposing view of the mountain, wow beautiful, and good what you are saying today of that gentleman who climbs that hill in a wheelchair, wow without words, although maybe, it's not the first time he does it, he already opens it many times.

I tell you that I am celebrating my birthday on the platform, my first year here, and I am very happy, I want to share it with you, to read my achievements during this first year.


Congrats on your first year!


Thank you very much, dear friend, I am sure that many more years will come. with God's help.

Well he must need the wheelchair I think, it is a little bit dangerous I think, that's certainly having guts over fear.


You don’t see it here but it’s very steep!

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Yeah I was think "what the? down a mountain with wheelchair " I guess the thought of it alone scared me 😀

@kus-knee Hello friends how are you looking very beautiful in Switzerland's Himalaya Mountains Thank you so much for posting a beautiful photography


Dear sir, good evening from India.
The spirit of this IRON heart man is very inspiring and I am saluting his spirit.
Very beautiful pic, the most beautiful part is this guy.

Thank you.
God bless you dear sir, enjoy your time.



I like his gut but yeah it's crazy! Coz it's a wheel chair! No matter the beauty around! Anyway that nature beauty can make anyone crazy enough! Enjoy well!


wowwowow he bet had an awesome time

Life is all about the adventures. It is my myth that God's best gift is life, it is up to us the humans how we make it wonderful, beautiful and pleasant through our own approach. This picture of the Old man is highly appreciable and yes one's heart should remain young forever for such potential <3



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Ballsy and free to do what he wants. I think that's great! Someone who's not afraid to get out and live........ inspiring!

this is a good adventure of Switzerland's Himalaya Mountains ..... obviously its really little crazy admirable.. because its a wheel chair..sometimes nature beauty create to doing anyone crazy one..this old man picture really very impressible. nature is an incredible place it is all an great adventure..thannks to sharing for your great awesome creativity post..very well done..may god bless dear friend.. @kus-knee

but wow! the mountain views are amazing 😍

Thank you, Sir, for sharing so beautiful posts you can write very beautiful posts from your post. I know something new and try to learn new things. Many congratulations on your behalf.

I applaud the man. Living his dream and not letting anything stop him. Good for you sir!

Ohhhhh its so dangerous,,,,wheelchair out of will be going,,,,and mountains looks so beautiful,,,,,what a wonderful place,,,,,sky looks so beautiful,,,,thanks for sharing.,

Your photography excellent.I love it

That's the way to do it @kus-knee. Beautiful shot! 😁

As a PT that looks so cool. I'm goign to be a proud therapist if my patient sends me a picture of him/her doing this haha. Is it electronic? I can't imagine him going downhill if there was. The view looks therapeutic though. Thanks for sharing this with us! Have a great day!

I see that rather odd @kus-knee because I think his wheelchair's battery won't get him very far unless he knows the capacity.

I don't know about you, @kus-knee, but I admire people like that who don't stop to get what they want. These are the kind of people we need: to inspire! Nice way to start my Tuesday. Greetings!

He's a great man. In my opinion, he is an inspirational,

If people DO NOT want to pull themselves up - then they deserve to be down. I came from less than zero and if I was not going to do it - I would not be where I am right now. I am NEVER hungry and I do not mean in my belly. There are no handouts but occasionally there are hand ups, hard work, determination to be better and discipline. If you don't believe in yourself - you will always be less than.

He is adventurous and inspirational man.
Congratulating him on my behalf.
Love by @pranto

such a nice words... i like those gusty cool admirable and little crazy... very nice post...

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Nature beckons and calls our spirits. I'm glad to see someone who has an even tougher time getting out into it is still answering it's call. Really cool.

Really he is adventurous man best ever "see me"
His courage should be appreciated.

Thats hard work to go upside on hill and its motivational

Realy you are big photographer.I like you photo

Wonderful nature photography 📷..thanks to share this amazing photograph👌

Well seems like he could stay out in his home and got out to have the glance of the beautiful landscape :)

He sure is an adventurous person !

Yeah...He looks crazy; maybe he gonna dangerous place.

He is an example of how you should not let anything in life keep you back. Go for your dreams. Seize the moment. Embrace it with all you have. Climb every mountain til you reach your dream (as the song goes). Thanks @kus-knee

'' What's your excuse'' kind of pic :)

@ kus-knee you did your good charity in this day of passing to that man in wheelchairs, it is a great gesture and it is worth to see so much beauty to feel the contact of nature is an incredible place it is all an adventure that You will never forget
happy and blessed day for all

some things are given in life, everything else we choose. lovely how this guy chose to live!

Your trip is very enjoyable. Photography is beautiful and nature is full of charm. Thank you for sharing.

Oh my god, but I think he's an old stuntman😉

Age is just a number and that simply defines it live life on the edge :)

wow.. indeed crazy yet inspiring... damn..

This is the picture of the day!!!! Fantastic :-))))

Well he must need the wheelchair I think, it is a little bit dangerous I think, that's certainly having guts over fear.

Courage is the key to life "What a profound and accurate statement. Courage supersedes all other qualities and personal characteristics a person can posses. As fear is the most powerful weapon on earth, courage is it's cure.

However, he is adventurous man
I appreciate his courage. All the best
Thank you so much @kus-knee for sharing

Epic! And motivational :D

It's gorgeous looking. But this person is very supportive. They will decide this distance easily.

I hope I can be like that when I grow old!

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