Danger! It turns out that WhatsApp Call is not dead after it is closed

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It has only recently been discovered that the WhatsApp Application on Android devices is experiencing serious problems, where users can still be monitored for conversations even if the phone is closed. And this incident is felt by some of its users in Indonesia.

When trying to contact someone via telephone, and when the conversation is over and closed. In fact, the duration of the call still runs in the background as if the call is still in progress. This problem was raised by the Chairman of the Indonesian Consumer Community, David Tobing.

"This also happened to some of my friends. For example, I contacted and we finished talking, then I turned it off, but apparently the duration went on, and even I could see that there were 24 hours, "that's what he said, as quoted from the media detikINET.

For duration of calls that continue to run when it is closed though it can be seen in the notification column. When the user swipes down, it will find that the duration is still running in the background and there is an "ongoing voice call" status, as if the call is still ongoing.

And when users swipe to the right alias delete the notification, then the duration can stop running. In addition, WhatsApp's own call status also immediately disappears when the notification has just been cleared. And another way that can make this duration dead is when making calls to other contacts.

If the user is not aware, it's clear that the WhatsApp application can continue to make calls like this, and it can even be up to 24 hours like that. Users who experience this incident are also not small, many other users complain about similar problems. But some are also known to be safe.