What is a Background Check and What Are They Used For?

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So what really is a background check?

The Online background check is an express-way to access the public records of targeted individuals. Before now, performing such task was tedious and almost unrealistic, but currently, through the use of online tools, a regular person can check the personal details of any individual.

The Online Background check differs from Google search as Google can only give you basic information but doesn't go deep into records which are hidden. It is because most of the personal information within the government agencies are never published online. Rather, such personal details are mostly released based on the request.

However, with FreePeopleScan.com, you can find information which cannot be obtained through a simple google search - the name of the targeted individual is all you need. 

Some of the details included:

•    Contact details

Contact information is the fundamental detail which can be found through a background check. Such information typically includes phone numbers, home and office addresses, and email address. This piece of information is particularly beneficial in a situation where you have lost the contact of the person in question, and you need to figure out a way to reach them. Plus it’s very beneficial in some cases to know what previous locations a person may have resided in.

•    Known Aliases

These details are particularly useful to identify a person who has changed or altered their name after marriage or maybe they're trying to hide something, and others who have legally chosen another name. Through the use of background checks, you can find out the present name which an individual bear.

•    Location history

In addition to an individual’s current location, a background check will also show their past location history. This report is particularly useful when you wish to forward Christmas cards or invite others to a party.

•    Social Media Profiles

Most individuals relay a substantial part of their life on social media. However, since different people can have similar names on social media, finding the social media profile of a targeted individual can be a daunting task. Hence, the question is: how do you figure out the correct profile of your target? Through a modern background check, you can look into current social media account and past accounts as well. Background report will inform you if the person in question possesses a profile on online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or some small online forums or groups.

•    Criminal History

The records of criminal arrest and convictions of an individual are the most searched and desired details when it comes to background check details. It shows if an individual has any criminal or arrest records from the past, or if such a person has regular legal issues with the police. Such piece of information is usually researched by online daters who wishes to find out about their potential suitors, hiring a baby sitter, employment/job hire, tenant/apartment screener, and many other reasons. Hence, if the person in question is a notorious criminal, one can call-off the date before meeting face-to-face or simply take more precaution when dealing with that individual. Apart from the major felonies, background checks also reveal minor things such as speeding tickets.

Where Does Official Background Check Information Come From?

Background check records provide information from the existing local, state and federal agencies which are legislated by law to keep records of every individual they deal with. For instance, details concerning property ownership can be possessed by the local county or the courts can have records of traffic ticket violations of an individual. Public records usually keep mos information and make it public according to the existing state law. The Freedom of Information Acts (FOIA) permits anyone to look into such records at the federal level. However, individual states do possess their laws concerning public records too – which mostly serve an identical purpose. For instance, Florida is famously known to apply a transparent public record law – one of the best in the country. Even, records about traffic accidents are saved as a public record in the Sunshine state.

What are background checks for in our everyday lives?

Every individual has their own reason to pull a background check based on their personal situation. However, some of the most frequent reasons why people use the online background check:

•    To find out about someone’s address

•    To contact or locate someone from your past

•    To research criminal records before letting someone get to close to them or their family.

•    To see if perhaps sex perpetrators might be in the neighborhood.

•    To find out if public records have anything on the new people they come across.

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