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Yes, it has been the talk in town at opportunity at time comes in disguise it requires a man of insight and vision to see it coming.
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What is wharelshare?

Whaleshare is a platform like steemit or scorum where u can get upvote for posting and get reward via curation when you upvote other people , in whaleshare you are permitted to post any form of article. You know what that mean, good comments also attract some upvote in return

Now is the right time in coming what ever you want on whakeshare platform, it is still at the early stage. Do you have bitshare account or you are yet to create one. Do you have whakeshare of your bitshare account and you are yet to join the whaleshare platform 4 days left for you to claim your whalestake now. To register a minimum of 10 whaleshare is required and 0.02bts for transaction fee. It is that simple and easy. To register visit : to claim your whalestake. Remember please make sure you backup the password generated after a successful registration process.

** Free sign-up start on September 15 for everyone who is yet to join platform. Below are some of the terminologies to be use on the platform.**


These are a few common terms that will be used on whaleshare platform

  1. WLS: Wls is the native token of whaleshare .this is the token you will be able to transfer in/out of the platform to bitsharesDex.

  2. WHALESTAKE : This is your vested (just like steemit power or scorum power) .the more whalestake you hold, the higher you max vote value is .NOTE There is no secondary pegged assets on whaleshare platform ,all of your earned rewards will be given in whalestake .to remove earning from the platform you will have to powerdown a set amounts of whalestake which convert to liquid WLS just like how steemit does

  3. MANA : MANA is the % of voting power of your account , each time you share/upvote for a post or comment your mana will be reduce by 2% and it will recharge at rate of 20% perday .

  4. WHALECOINS : whalecoin are token which you can send to whales for upvoting your article content just like the way whaleshare token was used on steemit but now there lot of whale coin that will be operating on this great community such as beyondbit token, hairsharetoken, litt token,krazycoin token and lot of more.


X Plagiarism

X Spamming

X Multiple accounts opening

X Fake account opening


√ Create quality content post

√ Upvote

√ Make good comments on others people post

√ Follow others

√ Be friendly to everyone

√ Reply others people comment on your post

Please kindly vote the following people as witness on whaeshare: @bkack-man, @dbread, @yensesa, @god, @autistic, @wls-africa

Kindly follow me and vice versa. Visit my blog daily on updates on the following

√ SIN2 event coming up October 30- 4 November

√ Whaleshare platform

√ Aircoin bounty campaign


I will be giving out 20 whaleshare token out for account opening. I will be giving it out to those who are yet to open an account on whaleshare but have a bitshare account. Stay cool for the next instruction on how to get it.

The Africa community on whaleshare is rising just like the horn of the unicorn. To join our community, please kindly use the following link below.

WLS-AFRICA discord server:


Get your post curated with %100 upvote by using the "wls-africa tag, smtshare". For more visibility use the platform tag such as "whaleshares and bitshares"

Welcome to the whaleshare platform. Have a nice day. Remember to follow me @olusolaemmanuel. Thanks

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I cannot signup this whaleshares have for fee.


The fee are just for ensuring no spamming. There won't be fee from 15th September, 2018. You can go ahead to create your account. Thank u.


Thanks boss for the reply


I will be updating you about the free account opening for tomorrow