Impromptu promotional event- 2 hours only!!

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Help me Promote is a new DAC (Decentralized Autonomous Cooperative), the mainnet launch will take place on September 1st, 2018. is different from steemit because it is not a blogging platform (although you can blog there of you choose to), it is instead sharing platform, when you reward content you automatically share it with others. This provides transparency and value, and allows people to reward content they care about. Prelaunch is coming to send and starting September 1st you can create an account for 1 whaleshare (available for purchase on bitshares), after September 15th accounts will be created using the account creation pool.

In an effort to start onboarding new users and promote I am holding a 2 hour impromptu promotional event!

How to participate:

  • Write a promotional post for on

Posts MUST include the following:

After you have posted:

Come find me in Whaleshares official discord:
I will be in the-lounge voice and text room for 2 hours (1pm EST to 3pm EST)

The first 25 people to come to discord and provide me with a link to their promotional post will receive a 15 BEYONDBIT upvote which translates to a 15% upvote from @fuzzyvest worth approximately $2.78.


You must follow ALL instructions to participate and be rewarded. Posts put in the comments here will not be considered, you must come to whaleshares discord and provide me with the url in the-lounge between 1-3 PM EST today (August 30th, 2018). Only the first 25 people will be rewarded!!!

Hope to see some of you there!!

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