An Interview with Whaleshares Red Queen : @patelincho with Love!

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Hola Steemit!

This was supposed to be a "Yes" or "No" interview but ended with some open-ended answers. Glad they've put so effort.

Today, we're lucky to have the ROYAL QUEEN of Whaleshares Discord Channel, @patelincho.

To introduce our guess :

Patelincho is a lady who lives in Bulgaria. She is in Steemit quite long now. She is one of the members of Steemit who really loved to help minnowsupport. Hosted a lot of event for minnows. I even won consolation prize on her event. She used to be the Royal Secretary before of Whaleshares Discord channel. Now, promoted as The ROYAL Queen where she deserved the title. She's been generous to people especially to minnows. She hosted a lot of events, a way of sharing her blessings.

Let's Start!

Reminder :

These interview questions were made out of my mind and no intention to harm/destroy/ or attack someone. Hope you understand.

Topic : Love

Do you believe love is blind?

No i believe in true love you see everything and you still stay and love.

Does age matter in love?

No not really but the size matter :D (Me : Like O.O xD)

Have you been in love and broken before?

Sure every one have been in love and brocken in some momments in life.

Do you have a lover now?

Yes i do , i love somone here in Steemit , my blog says a lot about (Who? <3)

Do you agree with the saying "When you love someone, set them free. If it comes back then its yours forever if it doesnt, then it wasnt meants for you"?

Love is not freedom , love is dedication.

Topic : Steemit

With the recent Hardfork19, are you happy with the changes happened?

Not really , some things are good but some are not .

Do you think Steemit is the future of Social Media?

Sure! It is.

Do you love Steemit than Facebook?

This is a silly question. I do not use Facebook long before i join Steemit.

Does steemit helped you in terms of finances?

Maybe will , so far not really . I have buy some things with my steem gains but i give way to much back to the steemians . Maybe some day i will but now my earnings in steemit arent big :)

Topic : General Questions

Do you love to travel?

I use to travel a lot , yes its cool but I am more like for calm home life now.

Do you like dark colors?

I like RED but every one know this already.

Do you live in Bulgaria?


Are you afraid of Snakes?

No i think they are really cool

Topic : Sports

Do you love to swim?

No its bad for my hear

Are you a fan of football?

Not really but i know some teams and players

Or a fan of Basketball?

I was fan when the Bulgarian team was really good in it

Do you Love to Dance?

Yes i love to dance and i love musik in general , musik is love

Do you like singing?

When i was young I use to sing , than i stat smoke

Thank you so much Royal Queen of Whaleshares! I am deeply honored to interview a kind of person like you.

Give some love to our very own @patelincho! <3

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Thank you very much for kind words. Hope i can help more in future !


I'm more than thankful. You're very approachable and kind hearted. Wish you more success @patelincho.

Good interview... @patelincho is doing great and a nice layd. Keep it up


Thank you :)


welcome and more success

That's very nice, we come to know more about @patelincho just by some quick questions/answers! Lovely!

I used to follow Bulgarian Football back in the 90's, my favorite player was Trifon Ivanov! I don't know if you know him!


favourite was Stoichkov :)


Oh yes Hristo was the best of the best! Remember his days at Barca! Amazing footballer!

Love to learn a little more about the Steemians I follow. Thanks for sharing the interview with us. This is fun!