Bitshares Fan Art Contest - submission.

in whaleshares •  10 months ago

Hello again, what could be better than another amazing contest brought to us thanks to @officialfuzzy and everyone on the whaleshares project. I'm so stoked with this design art contest Im getting really involved with it. I made my "FunArt" submission where I try to explain how it works all in chain, and every link is important to make it stronger.


And here is the verssion with the asked resolution 750 x 750


Hope you guys like it, and good luck to all the designers participating.

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I love the image. Very classy looking, and cleverly done! Good luck!


Thanks :) Im really happy you like it, I tried to stay simple and fun. I remember about you almost every day with the stupid comments I find, just look at the one at the end lol.

heey I follow you! getting mine done also.


So cool! I got mine done yesterday. I wasn't sure if I should go with the silver glitter, or the gold glitter. I went with gold. Hope it's not too over the top.