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in whaleshares •  13 days ago

I knew someday my shitposting skillset would be of use.

the beast final.JPG

Actually, I didn't. It sounded good, right?

to everyone who played along in the comment section, it made it a lot easier than having to talk to myself. I mean I would have done that but it would have been weird. Am I at 300 words yet? Oh, what the shit? I don't have to do that anymore. I did pick up a new want to actually make posts so I guess the brainwashing worked. That was what this was right? Training us with rewards like lab mice?

I met a lot of new people and joined a few new discords in the process. I found that scowering the NEW section can be rather rewarding and you pick up content you would otherwise miss. Thanks to coach @erodedthoughts and @lexiwitness for putting this all together. I really had a good time. Just let me know when we can take the shock collars off.

I ended up just short of 900 comments and that is mainly because I got lazy after reaching the 700 plus I had some stuff going on in real life so there is always that. Then again @erodedthoughts launched a witness @unity and railed out over 1000 comments all right in the middle of the beast so maybe I will just shut up and stick to my being lazy story.

Congrats to @trumpman

We just found out that his sex change operation is a go so I think we can all say we are excited about some microphotography.

I am running out of shit to say.

Is this where I thank god and point at the sky? I just want to say I enjoyed interacting with everyone and I look forward to bullshiting with you all. Thanks to all the new followers, I hope I don't disappoint.
My 6th or maybe even my 7th sense tells me that is around 300 words. Peace out fellow beasties.

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I am surrounded by beasts... God, help me!


Lol. You did sign up for it.


I wasn't going to miss that 😂


It's been awhile since I have been to whaleshares, But since race season is around the corner, and I got this picture from a garage door, and I have no idea how old a tin poster it is, and since I took the picture several weeks ago short time after reading one of your build post, I thought it was time i finally got around to dragging forgotten pictures off of my phone and sharing with where they were meant to be shared when taken.

020 busted knuckles for doomsdaychassis.jpg