👽 Abducted by Aliens ?!?

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Despite the possible rumors that I may have been abducted by aliens, that is not the case. The drastic price drop in Steem is also not the reason you haven't seen posts from me either. Nope, I have been busy with something else that I 'm excited to share with you. You see I have been part of the Developer/Launch team for the new Whaleshares platform. Yes it is a fork of Steemit, but with changes that make it more about the community and sharing and not about buying votes and voting bots. The other major difference is that there was NO pre-mining like in Steemit but rather a share drop on the Bitshares and Whaleshares community.

So needless to say I have been very busy on this, along with all my summer time beekeeping chores and that is why I haven't been posting.

📝 Things work differently on Whaleshares...

We have changed many of the content and rewarding functions to create a more balanced system that is geared towards the long-term growth and stability of the platform.


Whaleshares is uniquely different in that sharing content and rewarding content are synonymous. On Whaleshares, it's about sharing and rewarding the content you love. Each time you click the new Whaleshare button you will be rewarding the post and sharing it on your feed for others to see.


While delegation may have a few benefits when used responsibly, the downsides and long-term damage it causes to the balance of a rewards-based platform far out-weigh the good. Voting collusion, bid bots, voting rings, sock-puppet accounts, flag wars, and other negative behavior are encouraged by delegation. For these reasons, there will be no delegation of WHALESTAKE.


We have all seen the damage that comes from unnecessary and unjustified flagging of content due to personal disputes, power trips and egos. In order to curb that kind of abusive behavior and set a more civilized tone on Whaleshares where flagging is only done when absolutely necessary (to stop spam or plagiarism), flagging content will require 3x the MANA of a started upshare/reward.


In order to create a stable, long-term economy that encourages users to build their WHALESTAKE to back community support WhaleTokens, a dynamic power down algorithm that slowly evolves over time will be used. Based on the inflation rate reduction schedule, power downs will release more liquid WLS the longer the platform has been in operation. Max Powerdown = 100% - Current Inflation Rate The inflation rate reduction schedule can be found in the official WhalePaper.

🥊 Steemit vs. Whaleshares........NOPE!

Whaleshares was not created to compete with Steemit, but rather offer another platform to share content and be rewarded. In fact, we encourage every Steemian who joins Whaleshares to post on both. So much so that MASDACS.IO was created to lets you create a post once and post across multiple platforms automatically. Write once, earn twice!

🔎 Read All About Whaleshares

See all the Official Whaleshares Announcement ➡HERE.

📆 One Week Left of Early Account Creation

There is just one week left of early account creation and I want to offer my support to anyone who wants to get a Whaleshares account. Early account creation is immediate and does not require waiting for an approval. In order to eliminate scripts from making 1000s of shadow accounts, the early account creation has a fee of 10 Whaleshares. This is not an attempt to make people feel they have to 'buy in' to get an account. So I will provided the needed whaleshares for registering to anyone who needs them. Just contact me in the Whaleshares Discord at @bushkill#6791 and I will help get you set up with an account. On September 15th early account creation ends and the normal free account creation starts but will require waiting for approval to get your account.

You will need a BitShares account to create an early account and also to use any of the WhaleTokens for rewards on your posts. If you do not have a BitShares account, you can get a free one by following the "How do I create a BitShares account?" instructions ➡ HERE.

I have started beekeeping discussions on Whaleshares, but am hoping to help onboard people for the homesteading and silver stacking communities too. So let's get the discussions going!

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Thank you for posting this information....loads to learn.


Whaleshare will help many communities and it is good their distribution algorithm will start using Macdas to publish Steemit and Whaleshares in one. Heading for the excellent friend

Very kind of you to offer to pay for the accounts for people :)