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Way too few flags for my sense of entertainment. :p

very nice

Where is your weekly comic?


Somewhere next week?


Ok good, cause I don't upvote youtube videos 😑
Is that your video or someone else's?


Its another Brian.

Such majestic creatures! I never get tired of them :)

Nice show by the whales! ... so where do the whales hang out here on Steemit?


Try discord.


can you suggest me some tips how do I promote my posts .I am new to steemit and I do generate good content but my posts remains unnoticed .


@nihal-pathan, please google "steemit post promotion" and you will be overwhelmed with good resources. I could go on for an hour on the subject, but you need to read thru all the good info available. Also, take a look at Can be a real help.


thanks a lot for your help.

Amazing...I am in love with this video

Pretty sweet experience. I've only seen whales off the coast of NJ once, never that close.

I made the profound mistake of swimming into a dolphin pod once, got away mostly unscathed. Large animals on this planet are so amazing. Cool.


I made the profound mistake of swimming into a dolphin pod once



There was a moment where I thought I might die. Any decent blow from one of those guys could've sunk me and I'm a good swimmer.

I got clipped on the legs twice. Really painful the next few days, wish I had images of the bruising.

Looks nearly like whales on Bitfinex and Bittrex...

Wait I thought you were the whale?

Nice video, it most have been fun capturing this foots , hope your catch was great i also resteem

is that your youtube cahnnel?great video by the way

waoooo wlilly...!!!!

good vidio mr. @mynameisbrian

thank you

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So, a youtube video is a nice article?


Lol its bot
You know bot
Its automatic comment baahahahah


Yeh, and at some point, your repeated comment will get you in trouble for being considered spam... But since you replied to my comment, it shows you're at least paying attention, I will rest my flag trigger, this time.

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Thank you post whales

Amazing, nice trip brian. Wanna follow your such a challenging trip like this. Where is exacty this location?

Wow it is BIG !!! Nice capture :)

Nice video for whales

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Everyone sounds so happy! I love it! I grew up in Monterey, California and the whales were everyone's best friends 😘

bellas las ballenas me gustan mucho buen post

Cool! That would be a little bit scary

me encanta las ballenas buen video

Wonderful experience when you see the whales especially in that way.... upvoted ! :)

Nice video. thank you

One of the wonders of the sea

Heheh, comments are the best :D I like nature, as you do. :) Look my new a story
Greeting from Croatia

I have never seen one in reality :O

Whales always take my breath away! Love it!

I thought some bots will appear after it jumped.

the feeling to watch it from this close distance it must have been wonderful

Hehe nice show man

It's been days since I last saw a whale in Steemit :D

Lately they are missing (hahahaha)

Excellent post, greetings ..