SteemWhales Update! Reputation and steem power withdrawal

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1- You can now see who is powering down in a glance

I only saw this post today. And indeed, we need to know who is powering down, so I added this feature on steem whales, visualized by a little piggy bank icon if a user is powering down. If you put your cursor on it, it will tell you how much steem is being powered down and when.

2- Reputation is here

For those who don't know yet, every account on steem now has a reputation. It was so very logical to add it to steem whales, as it is obviously something we want to sort by. Steem Whales displays your reputation more accurately (with 2 decimals), this way you know how far you are from the next step.

However, the value for the reputation returned by the rpc api is very weird for some users (namely 7454983988075524000). These users even show up as reputation (11) on See @aaron2k10 as an example. These users are ignored on steem whales, and will be considered as reputation 1, for now. Some people told me on that developers are aware of the problem, and it should get fixed soon, so no reason to be alarmed.

Reputation Top 20

Congratulations on @stellabelle for being the only account at 9 reputation, even though it probably won't last very long, with active authors like @tuck-fheman very close by at 8.92.


Or read yesterday's update


I am a frequent user and love the tool!
I have one feature request: I want to see how much VESTS a user makes on average per top-level post (not comments!). This would be a helpful analytics especially with the ranking. It would show the "consistency" of an author. This metric might only make sense if that user has written 5-20 articles already.

Also currently in the tool the post count seem to also includes comments. It might makes sense to have another column just for top level posts (articles/storys).

Have the number of whales changed over time? It would be really interesting to see how the balance of power is shifting week by week!

On the distribution doughnut you can see on the website, it shows you how much is controlled by top 1%, and others. However it is true we cannot see how it changes through time.

All these graphs on the homepage are messy, and I think I want to display more general graphs about the network anyway. So I'll probably make another section in the menu for it. Keep tuned, I'll blog an update about it as usual when it's done!

What are the odds you could provide all your data as a JSON dump? In my series on game theory I'm going to be doing some analysis of peoples' voting influence, and it would be awesome to have easy programmatic access to things like a list of all accounts and their steem power.

Heck, I'd even just take an email with a json dump attached to it. You can find my email address in a non-scrapable form on my website.

Oh, and I'd be happy to pay you for it - maybe some percentage of the earnings I make on the article I write with it?

I upvoted You

Hey and Hi, thank you again for the app; awesome !!!
When i scroll over my Hx graph it tells me on the 29 july my value was 695 US$; over time this value fluctuates...
Next to the date in this mouseover there is vacant space, could you show the US$ currency value at that time used to produce that account approximate valuation?
Since I expect over time my account to increase in value or decrease with power downs having this history setting of eg (o.84US$) would allow me to quickly calculate my 'real' changes given that old history dollar value along with my current account readings, thanks again for a great application.
I use it heaps !!!

Don't forget (just in case you didn't know about it) that the estimated dollar amount on your account and all posts is a weekly average of the Steem price on exchanges. That's why most peoples estimated values have gone down lately.

what its the steem power and value ?

The Steem Power is the same amount in Steem. But it takes you 104 weeks to power down all of it. The estimated price that is shown now in your wallet means the average price of Steem in the last 7 days.

thanks but i mean in here in the website i seen in my wallet that steem power and also the value but i dont understand yet if that amout of dollars i see in my account its real or only an example , since i dont know yet how to post and get upvotes

Great work! I'm trying to get some attention for this post in the steem chat. Please know you are greatly appreciated! I use your site every day.

hi lukestokes , where its the steem chat ?

thanks lukestokes i appreciated ,what its the little number in a cirlcle you have as 64 mine its just 25 , what its that for ?

That is your reputation score. You can find out more about it here: Though it has changed since then.

Wow thanks, you got me like $200 extra, that's super.

By the way the button for the blog is red when I post something and it's recent, and I turn it back to blue when it's old. So people can easily know when I post by just visiting the website.

The traffic for the website is growing and that alone is making me happy.

I love that idea about the changing color of the button! Very cool.

I'm glad you're getting more recognition for the great work you're doing. Please keep it up!

I have to check that site: because I always thought that reputation was the number next to our name. Upvoted.

Some nice features....I really like the idea of seeing who is powering down and how much. It could help see the big picture.

Hi! This post has a Flesch-Kincaid grade level of 10.2 and reading ease of 59%. This puts the writing level on par with Michael Crichton and Mitt Romney.

This is great. Keeping everyone on their toes.

I love this tool so much! I love the update! I think this tool is my favorite with! Thank you!

hi heimindanger i like your post cause has open me to see we are numbered in reputation so this means you are very good , and well i dont know if you earn by the upvotes or by the post or both , but anyway am here commenting in your post , i hope you give a hint how we can get as this good

Thanks for the info - great to know whats happening in the bigger picture

Too many people powering down, they don't believe in the future of steemit.

That is right, i do not believe in the future of steemit, nor do i believe in the future of religion, nor the future of open internet, nor in the Republican party; plus I believe the Olympics is nothing but a artificially enhanced human money grab.
People need to act cautiously in the modern world filled with lying snake oil marketeers, this applies to everything; always...
I Hope for the Best and try and Plan for the Worst...
Personally Steemit has more of a future than Facebook, Reddit, Ebay or Twitter; but that does not mean anyone can know Steemit will succeed...

I love your site, first of all thanks very much for creating it!
Can you tell me what those little grey piggy banks next to the names mean? I can't seem to figure it out. thank you!

how we can this will help to earn some dollars here ?
i try all upvoting and commenting in other posts and i make some posts but the question its how to make the others to see it or perhaps i need a lot more imagination in posting something hehehe..
anyway i will appreciate your reply ..hoping its cleaer to understand how i can make progress cause i dont even yet earn a single cent here ...hahaha

Hi blackdiamond
Upvote post that is less than 12 hours old or sometime you can comment
Hope this help

only less than 12 hours ? ok thanks for the info

Hey I recently ran into and loved the stats in it!

Would it be possible to export a full historical graph of your account somehow?

I always use a steemwhales. Thank you.
I questions about Reputation.
Looking at my Repuration in has become negative.
However, Reputation are displayed in steemit and steemwhales is "5".
It was not a negative until yesterday night in And, Down Vote It is not.
Please tell me that if you know how to calculate the Reputation?
Or, Please tell me that if you know the reason why my Reputation 5?

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