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RE: SteemWhales Update! Reputation and steem power withdrawal

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Hey and Hi, thank you again for the app; awesome !!!
When i scroll over my Hx graph it tells me on the 29 july my value was 695 US$; over time this value fluctuates...
Next to the date in this mouseover there is vacant space, could you show the US$ currency value at that time used to produce that account approximate valuation?
Since I expect over time my account to increase in value or decrease with power downs having this history setting of eg (o.84US$) would allow me to quickly calculate my 'real' changes given that old history dollar value along with my current account readings, thanks again for a great application.
I use it heaps !!!


Don't forget (just in case you didn't know about it) that the estimated dollar amount on your account and all posts is a weekly average of the Steem price on exchanges. That's why most peoples estimated values have gone down lately.

what its the steem power and value ?

The Steem Power is the same amount in Steem. But it takes you 104 weeks to power down all of it. The estimated price that is shown now in your wallet means the average price of Steem in the last 7 days.

thanks but i mean in here in the website i seen in my wallet that steem power and also the value but i dont understand yet if that amout of dollars i see in my account its real or only an example , since i dont know yet how to post and get upvotes

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