Whalepower Shutting until Further Notice

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Dear Reader / Supporters / Subscribers
Whalepower is Shutting Down due to Unsustainable Economy.
We are not making as much due to unresponsive Supports we should get.
Our overhead are high and our curation income are little.
Everyone are so Selfish that this have actually shot yourself in your own foot.
Too Bad so Sad.
I see if you guy can swim in the Shallow water??

I will be keeping my own stakes for now.
Let me know.
@paul-gillbanks this is my decision , what do you think?
Some say @freewritehouse or even @qurator is much better. Go there...

Like I said before we are trying to compensate by Higher % for everyone which this eventually chewing at my own end. ( self-sacrifice with lesser posting for you all to grow.
I had enough! )

#whalepower will become Our own Feed , should we decide you may get some of Our Rewards.
For those that subscribe in Feb as promise we will run you guys until the 60 days is up.

Whalepower dimatikan karena ekonomi tidak berkelanjutan.
Kita tidak menghasilkan sebanyak mungkin karena Dukungan yang tidak responsif yang seharusnya kita dapatkan.
Biaya overhead kita tinggi dan penghasilan kurasi kita sedikit.
Semua orang sangat egois sehingga ini benar-benar menembak diri Anda sendiri.

#whalepower A Project for Better Community
All #whalepower Contents / Images are Copy-Rights
If you want to use any part of this, please ask for permission first.

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Sorry to hear about this... :( but totally understand...
All the best to you! Who knows, maybe when things get better, you can come back again? Look forward to that one day... :) Cheers!

I will miss your service. Nowadays everything is shutting down. Its a shame, this place have so much potential but most of people only care about themselves. Thanks for all the support you guys gave me all this time, thanks for refunding the extra steem I sent sometimes by error, thanks for your hard work curating posts and specially thanks to you @bullionstackers and @paul-gillbanks for taking your time to visit us and support our posts. Wish you guys the best!

Oh and yes, @qurator and @freewritehouse are great community projects.... that doesn't mean I won't miss whalepower ;)

I hope whalepower will be more strong in future when its come back👍

too bad thay you guys are shutiing down.
you have done a lot of things to support new member on steemit.
you are guys are always been and will always be awesome.

Sorry to hear that. Hope you guys will back soon. @teamcn-shop

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Oh sorry to hear :( <shooves over the cookies🐉💖🐲
If you like, i could look into your curation? i do pretty ok with that :)
Let me know, if you need any help. You know were to find me🐉🐲


It's sad to know this... but #whalepower has always been very supportive... Thanks a lot for everything until now... I hope you come back strong... by then, I'll do my best to give back what I can for everything you've done... ☺

I understand your decision and thank you for all of your support in the past. But I sure hope you are not talking about me with @freewritehouse or @quarator because I never, ever said such a thing.


@julian2013 小机机 迎着海啸 坐着火箭给您送来

吃饱了吗?跟我猜拳吧! 石头,剪刀,布~



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