Pink Sorrel | Wildflowers Photography series # 14|1- 2018

Pink Sorrel

Pink Sorrel , family of Oxalidaceae species with Scientific name Oxalis articulata
Can sometimes be confuse as to Shamrock as their leaves do looks similar. They do have marvelous Bright Pink flowers. They will blooms in direct full sunlight. One of the marvelous ground cover I must say. They are consider weed in the garden. Nevertheless, I do actually LOVE this flowers.

Pink Sorrel , flower buds have beautiful buds shapes. Just like Rose Bud.

Pink Sorrel , They also do have bright yellow in the center of the flower , very eye catching color.

They are indeed Wildflowers , can consider as weed or ground covers plant.

Photography and Author by @bullionstackers
Day Photography - Original By @bullionstackers
100% Own Work.

All Content Copyright Reserved by @bullionstackers

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That symmetrical leaves looks familiar to me, but the color of the flower is different. maybe just a different species of the same family. : ) awesome

There are over 500 Species similar to Shamrock , Clover but maybe in different family.
Here, have a read about Shamrock

The pink color on the flower leaves looks very beautiful, with a blend of yellow in the middle is very charming from nature for us..!

Outstanding Bright Pink colour indeed , The first photo is the Best.
Ground cover you mentioned? Wow, a weeds some more.
Didn't even know Weed can be that beautiful.
Thanks for sharing.

Now that is a beautiful weed that I would love to have. Great capture of the buds opening and closing. Awesome photography as usual @bullionstackers! : )

beautiful wildflowers, look more contrast despite living in a crowd of bully weeds. really beautiful.

Those are beatiful photos @bullionstackers.

I'm flower Lover...
then I went look at your flower series. All are wonderful shooted👍

Flowers a real beauty on earth, it's hard to turn away from it. Successful greetings are always for you @bullionstackers and friends.

Pretty delicate flower with equally attractive clover like leaves. :-)

Glorious photography, nothing weedy about that beauty, have a new appreciation, thank you!

Thank you for sharing come and check my blog and upvote my content

Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

can you eat them, too? yellow sorrels are edible
how about this one?

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