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in whalepower •  5 months ago

News Extra , What a Headline?

What have happen in the last 20+ hours ?
ned undelegate to utopian-io

ned undelegate to surpassinggoogle

misterdelegation undelegate to utopian-io

What will this, Have Impact on you All?
Check it yourself

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I think something will happen..?
Hopefully whatever happens is positive..!

I hope all is well and hopefully this does not have a negative effect on us all.


It doesn't effect #whalepower Tag.
We Fully Own Ours Power.

There is something happen?

you speak in riddles, but it doesn't 'sound' good.


I leave them to the experts.

I have heard it is temporary. ned's accounts are moving funds to another acc and will delegate to utopian-io again after.


misterdelegation undelegate to utopian-io
misterdelegation have so much Power.
Perhap too much have been Delegated ! May Never return back.

Interesting moves.

Reduce in upvote, and less usage of these tags i guess...

Wow... Something wrong with utopian-io ?..


Lost some delegation.

Hi... @tegoshei here.. I'm using my mama's phone... (and I can't change into my account using this..)

Anyway, I think this news has a very big impact especially those who are being supported by sir Terry. I mean a lot of people are quite dependent on him and his votes, but knowing him... I believe he will continue to support them as much as he can. :) He's very helpful just like the people in the Whalepower community. :)

I think it's probably same reason last year or the year before he undelegated to the cn folks. Only the man himself knows but I don't think it's a big deal for the rest of us not having delegation from him in the first place:-)

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