Busy As Bees - Part 4/2018 | #Series 16 ~ BEEs Photography Only

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This Bees Series get Better All the Time. One might have to be very patient to take such photos.
One Proven.

My Own Original Photography , Written by @bullionstackers , own work.
All Right Reserve by @bullionstackers aka @global-pillar

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Is It difficult to take this photo?
I am afraid that the bee will attack people

A Sting , may be it worth it?

You are very brave😳

Don't worry. Bee happy. :-)

To Bee or Not to Bee that is the Question.

To Bee. To Bee Happy.

Wow! It's fun to enjoy. You take photos with extraordinary abilities.

Well, you need to show yours then..

Really, a very beautiful moment. Flowers that are very tempting bees come to suck honey saris.

And about your ability to take pictures, no doubt.

Thank you for sharing happiness through flowers and bees, @bullionstackers!

Thanks for mentioned..

Beautiful Red flowers friend...
good macro photograph...

It wasn't the Flower , it was the Bee..

Super telezoom picture... How do this Mr?..

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Beautiful Flower,,,,
a great shooted @bullionstackers

Everytime I saw your flowers really amazing

very nice

So Nice , thanks for dropping in @momoriso

What a beautiful and exotic flower when it blooms

Hello, thanks for come visiting

yes thanks again, the success greetings always accompany him Sir @bullionstackers

yes thanks again, the success greetings always accompany him Sir @bullionstackers

very beautiful flower on the bee

You like them?

beautiful and beautiful flowers when blooming on a bee to look for honey


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A very beautiful flower in the center of the flower looks like a red crystal that resembles a honeycomb, and the behavior of a bee is extraordinary, he does something good and brings out something good.

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I was summoned by @ppagoda. I have done their bidding and now I will vanish...

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I liked the great photography.Thank you.

New Kid on the block?
Thank for your comment only.