We-Write #10: The Manor House + Last Week's Winners Announced!

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@Zeldacroft here!
We-Writes are easy, fun opportunities to write and win PRIZES. You can expect a WE-Write prompt every Monday, where we'll also announce last week's winner. Speaking of which...

Last Week's Winner

Many thanks to our writers from last week: @iamraincrystal, @phil-glaz, @felixgarciap, @mgaft1, @sarez, @owasco and @aduragbemi! Your stories were a great start to the revival of the partner contest. You can find this week's prompt further down, but first our random winners are...

Congratulations @iamraincrystal and @phil-glaz!!! Your SBI will be sent shortly!

The Prize: 5 SBI per Winner, Sponsored by @ntowl and @owasco

100% Upvotes from the FreeWrite House for All Entries


What is a We-Write?

If this is your first time coming across a WE-Write post, have no fear! It's all quite simple.

Every Monday we'll give you the beginning of a story. Use that beginning and keep writing. Most people do the 5-minute freewrite method, but a little longer is okay, too.

Then, publish it as a post with a link to this post AND drop a link to your post in the comments below this one. To be eligible to win you must comment on this post with a link to your entry.

Or, you may publish your story as a comment to this post.

Please tag me, @zeldacroft, and @freewritehouse in the beginning of your posts, and add a link back to the contest. Also, please make it clear which part is the prompt and what is your ending. Thank you!


How Do You Win?

Each week two winners will be chosen randomly from the entries. The deadline for entering is Sunday night at 9:00pm EDT, aka the same timezone as Boston, USA.

The announcement will be made the following day in the post for the next week's prompt! If you're a winner, @ntowl or @owasco will send you your 5 SBI then. 😊


This Week's Prompt

The Manor House
by @zeldacroft

“I can’t believe we’re here!” Clara gushed, gazing at the manor house. Its front steps were preceded by carefully-laid stone, centered around a magnificent fountain. Tourists bustled around eagerly with their cameras and visitor pamphlets as the two sisters joined them.

“It says here that tours start every hour in the Grand Gallery,” said Kelly, holding up the guidebook. Clara was too busy admiring the variety of flowers that adorned the area, from the climbing vines near the elegant windows to the lush bushes around the stone path. So Kelly went back to her reading, but with a smile. It was nice to see that the manor was already living up to Clara’s expectations.

After a brief distraction by a duck swimming in the fountain, the sisters quickly made their way inside. As they mounted the marble stairs, Clara’s excitement became tangible, an emanation of joy that merged with the curiosity of the other tourists.

So what happens next is up to you! I'm really looking forward to reading your continuations. 😊

As always, any resteems and upvotes will be eternally appreciated (but aren't necessary for the contest or anything). Let's spread the word and get writing!


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Thanks for the win! ^^ Congratulations to all who participated too! ^^

Time for this week's we-write! ^^ Happy midweek to all! ^^


Congrats to the winners, and the three @curie and @therising recipients! Wow! Thank you all for participating. How fun is this?

Getting mine in early this week! May the luckiest writers win!

Congratulations @iamraincristal and @phil-glaz. Greetings to the other participants @mgaft1, @sarez, @owasco and @aduragbemi.My thanks to @curie and @therising. Here is my contribution:

Hello everybody, here is my entry to this contest:

I make a return for week #10 with this almost last-minute entry:


@phil-glaz, your sbi are on the way. Please let me know if you don't receive them.

Oh! Thank you!

Thank you for the prize!

I know, I am too late... but here is my version)