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RE: Ansan Wetlands Park and Sihwa Lake

People just don't understand the importance of wetlands my friend. I love roaming in them and they are full of life. Fools are also crowding them out here in South Africa.
That is certainly some weird looking chicken!


We need to stop thinking of development in the traditional sense which is the destruction of nature. I am glad people are starting to understand the importance. Humans are already using up enough of the planet, we should protect the areas we haven't already destroyed from further encroachment.
In Korea, it is due to a lack of space and land values being very expensive. Urban areas are already very dense.

So true, I read that they are clearing huge areas of forests to farm in many countries that are cramped for space and man has also ever had his eyes on the Amazon. The mining companies are also encroaching on protected areas here in our country. All for money of course.
Until the last bird sings, then only will man know that he is doomed!

Sadly, you are right. It will not stop until we are long past doomed. According to quite a few people who study the environment, it's already to late to turn things back. I guess they realized that despite 50 years of warning, we've barely applied the brakes on development.

I also read a study on this and it is so scary.
But we are dealing here with hard-hearted people that are driven by profits my friend. Normally the only way that they wake up is when they and everything that they touched are in complete ruins.
It is then they adopt the victim persona.
But the day will come!

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