Graduation Day! It's party time!!!!

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Well, if you haven't fallen in love with @juliamulcahy this week - then you just haven't had your eyes open. Her posts are like a window into her soul, her heart, her life! And what a pleasant journey that has been! Oh my goodness! She matched us with our silly humor, but always was ready for a good training session also! @juliamulcahy - you are another treasure that we have been blessed to add to our WW Tribe :) Please stay as long as you can (foreverrrrrrrrrrr) because we're quite addicted to you! 🤗


Come back tomorrow to check out where our NEW newbies are coming from!!! We have two this week and we've ALREADY had a blast with them!!!! Both are sure to keep us on our toes with their great questions, their ambitious drives, and their appreciation of our silliness! Can't wait to introduce them to you tomorrow!

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Congrats Julia!

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Congrats Julia!

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Wohooo!!! Congratulations Julia 🤗🎉❤️
So well deserved, you are such an amazing person and talanted. Much love 😊

So well deserved @juliamulcahy <3

Congratulations, Julia!!😊🤗

Thank you, thank you, thank you. It’s been such a very special week. I have had the bestest time.

The new WW newbies are in for such a treat. ❤️

Congratulations @juliamulcahy! So excited that you are one of us!




Me too! We can hang out now :)


I know, makes me pretty excited.

Congrats Julia!! @juliamulcahy Welcome to the WW Alumni. We are a big happy family here. Will be following you now.