You've Created Your Steemit Account and You're Ready to Get Started... What Now? [New Steemians Start-Up Guide]

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Hello there beautiful humans! I'm so happy you've stumbled across this post, and hopefully it will help you along your journey down the Steem rabbit hole.

I stumbled across the Steemit platform almost two years ago, thanks to my friend @churdtzu, and it has changed my life in so many ways. I've written more in the last two years than the 28 before, I've made & released over 100 videos, it's helped me practice abundance & manifestation, and so much more. If you're interested in following my journey, check out my recent Table of Contents for my blog. Along the way, I've put in dozens [hundreds] of hours teaching others about Steemit, walking people through their beginnings, and generally just promoting the platform and helping friends find the same opportunities I have. Just hours after I joined, I called my friend @alchemage and when I woke up the next morning he already had a couple posts live :-)

Since last summer, my focus has shifted quite a bit from working to get people to join the platform to giving tutorials, doing livestream Q&As, creating my 2 Minute Steemit Tips series, and building the @TribeSteemUp Community Abundance Generator to support content creators working to build a more free & peaceful world.

Quite a few people have asked me to create something of a more in-depth introduction/guide/walkthrough for the platform, so here it is!

Step 1: Secure Your Account

Steemit, like everything else in the crypto-sphere requires you to take responsibility for your own security. There is nobody to reset your password (because that is a huge security risk), and it's up to you to keep your account safe. Yo may recognize the rules of Steemit:

Luckily, to help keep your account secure and allow for plenty of flexibility, as well as the use of 3rd-party apps, your account has 3 private keys. You can find your keys through your wallet page, or directly at []. Your private keys are (in order from least to most important):

  • Private Posting Key - This key is used for voting, posting, commenting, resteeming, following, and muting. This is what you should be using as your daily login key, and it's what websites like Dtube ask for.
  • Private Active Key - This key is used for transfers, powering up/down, and placing orders on the market. This key you should be keeping well protected, as it's basically the equivalent of the pin number for your debit card.
  • Private Owner Key - This is your ultimate key, your true "password". This is the one that should be written down in your safe (or some similar level of security). Not only does your owner key have all of the functionality of the others, but it can also be used to reset all of your keys.

Step 2: Set Up Your Profile

Luckily, there is very little that you actually have to do to set up your Steemit profile. Each of us gets a cover image, a tiny profile image, a 150-character description, a website, and a location. You can edit each of these things from the settings page, which you can reach via []. Both images can be either uploaded directly, or you can plug in the URL to an image that is already on the web.

Step 3: Choose a Console to Check Stats

The UI doesn't show us a LOT of details that are pretty important in order to truly maximize our efficiency & effectiveness. Luckily, the community has already stepped up and created a variety of other tools to help keep track of your account statistics & history.

Recently, I've started using as my second-tab whenever I'm using Steemit, because it seems to include just about all the features of the other 3rd-party sites, all in a clean, smooth, and functional format. Many thanks to @steemchiller for creating such a great tool.

The others that I've used along the way (and they each have some of their own features, so check them out and make your own decisions) are:

  • SteemReports - This site has SOOO many wonderful graphs, charts, and reports. You can see everything from where the biggest delegations are, to a breakdown of witness voting, to exactly where someone's incoming and outgoing votes are focused. I haven't had a chance to dig into all of the reports yet, but I'm working on it. If you're interested in a word-cloud for your blog, this is the place.
  • SteemD - A chronological record of every single transaction involving your account, plus stats like current voting power, total posts, etc. This one has the simplest, most basic UI. Simply go to to see everything.
  • SteemDB - This site has a full record of transactions as well, but with a much fuller UI, making it quite a bit easier to work with when you're looking for something specific (like who resteemed a specific post), and has some fun graphs as well. Once again, simply add /@yourusername to the end of the URL to pull up the information about your account.
  • SteemStats - This site allows you to "watch" multiple accounts, and see a feed of all the activity they have, including their outgoing votes, comments, etc. It is probably the handiest of these for folks who have multiple accounts, or want to stay on top of what a friend/family member is up to.
  • SteemNow - This site is fairly simple, and has a big box for each of upvotes, curation rewards, author rewards, and posts, all in chronological order. It also your voting power, steempower, and has a slider to show what your vote will be worth at any given %. It also has an upvote calculator, in case you want to see what your vote will be worth once you get to 1 million steempower :-)

Step 4: Begin Connecting With the Community

One of the most powerful things about Steemit are the communities. From the biggest one, @minnowsupport, to the wide variety of contests, Steemians are coming together to support each other and connect over a massive variety of topics. The best way to connect with most of these communities is via Discord, a free chat app.

Here are a couple lists of the varied Steemian communities that others have already collected:

Step 5: Start Posting

Whatever kind of content you create, the STEEM blockchain is a great option for you. With tools like @dtube, @dsound, @utopian-io, @busy, @dlive, @dmania, ChainBB, and @dporn. I'm sure there are already others I don't know about, and new ones are always being made.

Posting is a very different process, depending on which platform you're using. Formatting is in markdown, though for the most part HTML works as well, just make sure to check the preview before you post, because some HTML code doesn't work with Steemit.

It isn't necessary, but it's a great choice to make your first post your # introduceyourself, and let the community get to know you. Here are a few tips related to posting: tags, what to post, and how much to post.

Step 6: Start Buying, Selling, and Exchanging STEEM/SBD

I wish I could tell you that the "money" part of Steemit is simple & intuitive... but that is far from the truth. Out of the 35 episodes of Kenny's 2 Minute Steemit Tips that I've made, 7 of them relate to the different currencies on the STEEM blockchain, payouts/rewards, and exchanging currencies.

Let's go through the basics really quick, and I will include the link to a more in-depth exploration of each topic.

The 3 Currencies

  • STEEM: The primary liquid currency, can be transfered, exchanged to SteemDollars, or "powered up" (turned into SteemPower/Vests)
  • STEEMPower: Your voting stake in the system. Locked in for 13 equally weekly payments, and actually just a calculation showing how much STEEM your vests are worth
  • STEEMDollars: Liquid, debt-based currency. Can be transferred, exchanged for STEEM, and destroyed (helping the overall network) via the promote function

Where the "Money" Comes From

In the STEEM ecosystem, the new coin breakdown looks like this:

  • 10% of coins go to the witnesses (our version of miners)
  • 15% of coins go to everyone holding SteemPower in their accounts (through the ever increasing STEEM per MVest)
  • 75% of coins go to creators & curators of content on the blockchain (broken down as follows)
    • Up to 25% of content rewards go to the curators (voters), based on a reverse auction system (this algorithm may be changing in hard-fork 20)
    • At least 75% of content rewards go to the creators of the content

Some Other Topics

Step 7: Keep Diving Deeper & Learning More

Here are some other, many more in-depth, guides to Steemit and how to get started on the platform. Searching for whatever your questions are is a great way to find whatever you're looking for as well, the Google search bar integration makes Steemit articles quite easy to find :-) Feel free to check out my whole 2 Minute Steemit Tips series as well.

I hope this guide can help you on your journey, and if you have any other questions or if there is any way I can support your growth & success on the platform, feel free to ask! Until next time...

You are beautiful
You are powerful
You are free!

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This was written really good, simple and precise.

The type of content we need for new users here who get lost in this complex Sea of Steem Blockchain :)

I resteemed this for visibility & will definitely use it to help out newcomers :)

Thank you man, you are appreciated.

P.S. Check out my message on Discord when you find Time, I'd be really grateful

Thanks for the mention @kennyskitchen. This is helpful guide for newbies to get going . You gave some great examples of areas where people can start posting and even porn! thanks again for the support.

Thanks :-) One of the things I love about Steemit is the massive variety of content... and if history has shown us anything, it's that the platform/medium that where the porn goes, is the one that wins!

nice information


Very strong and intuitive straight to the point post, you see it's steemians like you who make our community great. With your time and energy it makes sense that your post is worthwhile keep it up. Oh and for the steemians that are new please stay focused and have a good time doing what you do best

Thank you! I love helping smooth the transition process onto Steemit for new folks, since it is so very non-intuitive, haha!

for the steemians that are new please stay focused and have a good time doing what you do best

Very much this!

Highly rEsteemed!

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Thanks Frank!

Thank you for the said information coz I'm still new to steemit and want to learn more of this.

wow! this is very insightful and helpful to new users of steemit
a job Well-done

Good job. Resteemed.

Thank you!

Terimakasih untuk posting yang sangat bermanfaat ini, salam kenal buat semuanya

This would help new users familiarize themselves in Steemit. One thing I would always say to new users is to know how to use steemit bots. They should really know about that.

Do you mind if I link to this in my new user guide??

Go for it :-)

Excellent, thanks!

I congratulate you! a very detailed content on the platform, thank you for sharing your knowledge with us, the smaller fish. I will read everything you have published, it is quite interesting to keep moving forward in the work

Thanks, this is one that's been on my list to write for quite some time :-)

I will read everything you have published

Good luck with that, haha! I've published a LOT since joining Steemit

This is excellent Kenny! I’m getting there and this is very helpful.

Thanks Adam! Definitely one of my most requested pieces, I'm so glad I finally got it up :-)

Hey thanks for the summary. Very helpful.

15% of coins go to everyone holding SteemPower in their accounts (based on how much they hold)

Can you explain how this works? I have not heard of it and I also never got any payout (ok I guess I also hold way too little SP got get any). Thanks!

SteemPower is simply a calculation of your vests, and how much steem they are worth. Vests become worth more STEEM every day, so if you have 1 million vests, then right now they're worth just under 500 Steem, but in a year they will be worth much more. There are no payouts or anything, the number just constantly goes up. Here is the current rate, and up in the article the word vests links to my 2 Minute Steemit Tip all about how that works.

Thanks so much @kennyskitchen! Really appreciate this post as a 4hour Steemian :)

Welcome to the platform! Blessings on your journey; remember to just be yourself, have no expectations, and practice perseverance.

This is great, I've been doing a weekly post welcoming and reintroducing new steemians on board, and will definitely be putting a link on there for this post, it's clear and direct in an otherwise crowded ocean, where so many can feel overwhelmed, Thank you @kennyskitchen

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I'm brand new to the platform and your post is insanely helpful!! So many resources, I'll be down this steemit rabbit hole all night (or all weekend). Thank you!

I must admit that this is one of the rarest posts I've read from start to bottom
Steemworld is trully amazing. Didn't even know there are such helpful tools out there

Glad you found value in it, and hope it was worth your time!

I've definitely been quite happy with SteemWorld since discovering it.