<3<3<3 Welcome to Steemit! <3<3<3 [A simple guide to get you started on Steem(it)]

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"So You're new here? Or maybe you aren't new, but can use a handy guide to give new steemians?"

Often, I find myself greeting new users to the Steemiverse. This involves a bit of chat, looking at some posts they wrote, give some advice, and offer some of the helpful links that I've collected over my time here.

This means I'm searching through my feed, and my bookmarks, so they can have the best information available. To save myself some time, and make their experience a bit smoother, I decided to put the links here. Ideally, this will make everyone's experience simpler and offer the most effective help that I can.

Maybe you aren't even new here, but you don't have all of the information you need to do what you are trying to accomplish here. this isn't a highly technical document, like some of the others. For our purposes, I will share the information available to me for you to get going, and started with your blog.

OK! :) Here we go!


To maximize your experience here, you'll want to use one of our popular chat programs.


Steemit.Chat is the original chat program for Steemians. Most of the people who have been here a long time use it. Personally, it is not my preference. However, there are many people who only use steemit.chat. So, it's important to know about.

Discord Chat

Discord is a versatile and robust chat program, which allows people to create "servers" where groups of people can get together and chat in multiple channels for each server.

The Most Popular of these is PAL\MSP.

This is the home of the Minnow Support Project. This has to be most active chat server in the Steemiverse. The idea of Minnow Support\PalNet is to provide a place for new users and the rest of us minnows to make friends and learn how to navigate this strange new world.

@minnowsupport is also the home of MSPWaves a 24\7\365 Steemit Radio Station!

Chat Etiquette

It is important to understand, that you should not go to these places asking people to look at your posts, or asking for follows. This is not a good way to make friends. It's OK to ask a friend to review your post, but you have to make the friend, first. If they think you are in chat just to beg, and not make friends, you will not get far.

You can find in @Torico's guide, many places to chat, this way you will find a community where you feel comfortable. Many have very specific purposes, and depending upon your interests, you may want to try a few of them.


The first thing you should do, besides finding a place to chat with other steemians, is to go browse steemit. See what this community has to offer. What are people already writing about? Who is writing about things that are interesting to you?

While doing this, you can leave nice comments on people's posts. Not "Follow For Follow", this is not a good look. Better to comment about what you liked in the post. This will gain you followers, and friends.

For a more complete guide on how to write a good comment, please check this article I wrote:

Creating Blog Posts

I wrote a popular and epic guide for Success as a Steemit Blogger. I'll invite you to read it, and learn many of the things that have helped me to get more upvotes, comments, and follows.

Markdown Editors

It is a good idea to write your post not in the steemit editor, but on your computer, or using an online editor such as:

  • hackmd.io - Realtime collaborative markdown editor
    • Saves text as you write it.
    • Allows multiple people to easily edit a document at the same time.
  • MarkdownPad - My favorite editor for windows
  • Haroopad - My favorite editor for linux, but also available for Mac, and Windows.

All 3 of these editors offer support for multiple coding languages, as well as, side-by-side viewing and editing, so you can see how it looks as you work.

Be careful to make sure everything looks right in steemit when you copy it into this editor, because each editor renders the code a little different.

Verification Post

Being that this is a semi-anonymous group, and there is money involved, there are many people who come thinking they can scam this community. Because of this, we may be mistrusting when you post images that claim to be You. If you don't post any images of yourself, and don't claim to be anyone famous, then no need to bother about verification photo.

However, posts with this verification image in one of the introduction categories such as #introducemyself, or #introduceyourself, tend to be the highest paid introductory posts. There are many people who are just looking for these verification posts so they can give your blog a nice upvote knowing you are a real person.

Ok, so I will explain now what a verification photo is. A nicely handmade sign that says "hello steemit" with your username and the date, with you holding the sign. It's nice to take a few, so we can see that it's real by how the paper moves, unlike the photoshop versions.

If you make a post like this, you are likely to get a warmer welcome. However, this is not necessary. If you don't want to share your image, that is ok too.

Helpful Links

Here I will list, by category resources which I have found helpful in my time here on steemit.

Keeping your content free and Legal

Formatting and Syntax Guides to make your Beautiful Blog Posts

Front Ends

These can all be helpful if steemit isn't working.


Proud member and supporter of the Minnow Support Project - Brought to you by:

I hope many people find this helpful, feel free to share this with your friends and other new steemians, as a simple guide of welcome, with many useful resources.

Also, if you have some amazing guide or resource which I have left out, please let me know right here in the comments section!!!

Thank You!

Have Fun, and Steem On!

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Am only a few days old here on steemit and @bashadow recommended this page for me. he has been really helpful . Thanks @inquiringtimes for this post. it is a very informative article, one that i have book marked and will read again. Am new to steemit and need to look towards mentors to get it right, this was very handy and will be referred to time and time again.


Welcome! I'm glad you find it helpful! Here is one I wrote a little more recently that you might also find helpful.


Am only a few days old here on steemit and @bashadow recommended this page for me. he has been really helpful . Thanks @inquiringtimes for this post. @inquiringtimes

majority of us who are new on steemit don't know that it takes proper orientation to steem it. And that's what you just did @inquiringtimes.
I really appreciate you for that🙌🙌🙌

Hiii, I'm new here. Trying my best here.
Looking for helps everywhere.
I'm a mum who types by an available hand only. Because Im having a newborn who needs to be bfeed most of the time.


Have fun going through the information in this blog. Please do sign up for discord as recommend in the guide,there is community and help there :)


This is an old post of mine about how to make money right away when you get here as a new minnow. Getting some money flowing makes the place more encouraging.

Make Money Blogging on Steemit Top Tips and Checklist for Better Results!!


Ladies and Gentlemen i want to tell you @fitinfun is my Steemit teacher i have learned alot from her posts. These guidelines which she mentioned in her post, after using these guide line my steemit earnings has been increased.
Now guidelines of @inquiringtimes are very informative. we can learned from these cool stuff.


Thanks for mentioning your mentor in Steemit. I will definitely attract attention of others people and learn the tips. @irfanullah @fitinfun


Just do a little bit each day, and you will succeed. Good luck!


Aw! That's so nice of you! I'm so excited to hear my strategies are helping you! I know we can succeed here if others have, but it's not easy. We minnows need to stick together :)


It would be nice to chat. :)


I saw your message, but I can't click into it for some reason. I'm not using discord. I'm glad to talk in comments here but if you want to email me, feel free - sjfrenchtosd@yahoo.com :)

Welcome to steemit!
I know that steemit may seem very overwhelming to you right now but don't worry. There's a learning curve to everything so just be patient and you'll be churning out posts and becoming a part of something great in no time!
Also if there are any questions that you may have, you can reach me at http://steemit.chat . My username is the same over there, i.e., arthestically

Also do give this article a read as it has guides on how to get you started: https://steemit.com/welcome/@inquiringtimes/333-welcome-to-steemit-333

Have fun and I wish you LOADS of success on here! <3




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Thanks for this excellent post, with so many links to so many posts / sites that can provide further information and assistance.

I must commend you for the clear presentation also. There's nothing too fancy to distract the reader, just effectively formatted text, using appropriate headings, bullets, lists, clearly identifiable links, and so on.

This will be bookmarked and resteemed. And hopefully seen by many more minnows soon and in the future.

Full Steem Ahead.

Well, I'm not new here but this chocked full of useful tips and tidbits! Thanks so much for takin' the time to put it together. I've saved it for quick references later in my steem journey. Enjoyed!

Really nice advice. I am new here and I have little time to write good post. But there is option to get some reward from your quality comment which should be relevant to the post. You will see that someone has upvoted your comment, meaning you are earning for your comments!! How amazing!

Nice refresher course! Many of the links will probably prove handy, so I'm bookmarking!


thank you, friend.

This is sort of a bare bones template for me to build upon, as I get more resources, and better organized for welcoming new users to steemit.

Very nice and resourceful tips... You did a good job here with all those infos... Any free link or site to use & check against plagiarism and auto change test to avoid plagiarism....
Also any free text editor to check spelling and grammar and do good correction...
Need all these resource and more to blog better...
Hey...you forgot to include chainbb.com from @jesta ...I use it a lot even now😋

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful informational post. I have learned many things from your posts.
My Lessons from your posts.
1- Network means networth
2- Chat with Steemit Community
3- commenting
4- using online editor
Again Thanks

Calling @originalworks :)
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This should help a lot of people!

Congratulations, you have won the daily @OriginalWorks resteem contest!

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A really useful and great post my friend!

This post it´s gold!!


agree with both of you

very brief, short and educative. Mostly to the new users. Thanks for sharing something like this

Very very well done @inquiringtimes, thank you so much for compiling this incredible post! Absolutely nailed it for all newbies and oldies alike and very simply written so not at all overwhelming! Great job, resteemed.


I'm glad you appreciate it! I know it's going to save me a lot of time, and help a lot of people! That's a good feeling. <3 <3


Absolutely and if you don't mind I would love to direct newbies to your posts and reference it in some future posts of mine too. Here's to feeling GOOD! :)


yes! please do. that's what I wrote this for! I will add the "free to use" license in a bit. <3

@inquiringtimes - Thank you so much for this welcome message, especially since I may not have lived long enough to acquire all of this information independently. In fact, although I registered in August, I have yet to "formally" introduce myself, and one of the hindrances for me is technophobia. It's like math. I freeze up. Typing is easy. Adding artwork? I need a nap just to think about it. I've noticed that a YouTube video just works all by itself, so as long as I credit the content creator, that may be my solution. I am currently being mentored by a very generous minnow with a higher reputation score, but he's also developing very interesting new projects so his time is precious. So glad I happened to wander across this post. In fact, the navigation tool that I really do miss in Steemit is an instant directory that locates specific information. Last week, I was trying to find the video that prompted my first comment and it took about an hour to re-trace my steps. Maybe that "kinda-lost" feeling goes away eventually. So thanks again for taking the time to help us. God bless you!

P.S. I would love it if you have time to explain this. Last week, at the very moment, in the split second, that I upvoted a post, the account balance for the post decreased by one penny which made me very nervous. I know that Steem value fluctuates, but I certainly wasn't expecting that. Just now, when I upvoted this post, your account balance for the post jumped from $4.71 to $5.93. Usually when I upvote, nothing happens to the account value at all. So I'm very confused. Clearly I'm not in it for the money, but I should probably try to learn what I don't know. Thank you.


well, if your vote isn't worth a lot, then the price fluctuations have nothing to do with your vote, but simply the market, or other people voting at the same time as you do.

I'm glad if this post is helpful! let me know if you have other questions!

and yes, it's easy to lose posts and forget where information is... I was just having this struggle earlier. Hopefully we get more accurate searching soon! Google doesn't work very well, maybe asksteem.com is better, but I haven't tried it yet.


@inquiringtimes - Yes, I just happened to think of another question. Your links posted here led me to @deepthink because I wanted to view the application. But apparently the application cannot be previewed and that doesn't work for me. Being oh-just-so-slightly anal-retentive, I always want to know what questions I'm about to answer before I answer them (or not). Any suggestions about that?


I can't tell you,except to go to the #deepthink tag and look over what is there to see if it might be a fit

Thank you for this stuff

This post is excellent, I love it. Good work here, helping everyone.

Thank you! I found this really helpful and am going through many of the great links you provided...much appreciated!

Simple and Precise. Loved it :)

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Steemit to welcome!

This is supercool! @inquiringtimes Thanks! Followed...

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Interesting article
Thank you

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Good post

Great guide, already writing my checklist.

Great guide, already writing my checklist.

awesome. there is a bit of a learning curve here but this helps

this is very useful. I will tell my friends in Bogor.
Currently I am the place to ask for my friends in Bogor. I'm raising steemit community in my city. And I always give explanation and understanding about this steemit. Thank you for sharing this very important knowledge about this steemit community to me.

Welcome to Steemit. I hope it is good for you. Invite some friends and build the community

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I just recently registered to MPS and I'm so glad to see this blog from the pinned posts. I'm barely a month here on Steemit with pool of questions in my mind. I would love to go over all those advise you did here. I feel that they would help me out with most of my questions. Thanks @inquiringtimes :)