WEKU the steemit alternative Blogging Platform.

in weku •  2 months ago

Hello steemit friends, today i will introduce you the new blogging platform named weku! this site is more likely our steemit. I joined steemit last 2016, thats 3 years from now, and now i disovered a site like this one. Weku is turning my life around by making me more creative like i was before, ididnt say that i am not creative in these days on steemit, i just want to gave a value on my work, even weku is not on the market, 

The best deal about WEKU.io, when you sign up you will recive 100 weku signing bonus. You have the option to use those weku to power up your account to make your voting value higher. Joining WEKU is very easy and it will only take you less than a minute, registration is free and instant, no need to wait to wait weeks for your account to be done. register now by using my link : sign up

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