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You have already experienced being successful here on steemit. You know how the platform works then definitely you know the benefits of being one of the early adopters of one blogging site.

Join now a new blogging site where we get paid as a reward for uploading amazing contents and runs as a social media platform too! Sign up now and be one of the firsts to be recognized with how good you are in creating valuable contents for everyone to see. Interact with fellow wonderful writers as well.

Click my referral link which will give me 50 Weku Token that we can use either to power up or collect until we can already cash out these funds later.

I love steemit but I also need to secure a position where I can experience to be on top and be a whale soon if I'll get lucky.

I don't want to compare the rewards that I am getting from both of these platform coz it really has a big difference and it will really show how favorable I am compared to the other.

Weku is the first ever technology provider for Software As A Service (SAAS) As what is seen on the cover photo.

Screenshot taken when you go to wallet, click the drop-down from Weku and click buy and you will get redirected to the trading site of Weku.

I will no longer make this introduction very long as I am giving you the opportunity to unravel it's best features and offer to your fellow steemians, co-bloggers and friends just like what I am doing now.

More power to Weku! Just like what steemit has already proven the whole world.

This is @fycee and thank you for reading my blogpost created in @busy condenser.

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