I Have Onions In My Socks - Weird Experiment Wednesday

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Yep, I'm at it again. By "it" I mean doing weird stuff then putting it on the blockchain for everyone to judge me...forever.

First, I tried to heal an ear infection by listening to music.

Then, I put "black magic" on my foot, and well...that was interesting!

Sidebar: I made this black magic in honor of @goldmatters and Mene:

Unfortunately, I didn't have any gold magic so he had to settle.

Anyway, I'm back at the ear thing again.

So after googling vehemently for hours, I came to one conclusion that ANY rational person would come to:

The only thing that can fix this is onions on my feet.

Ok fine, I'll admit. I heated some lil' slices up in a microwave and stuck them in my ears, too.

But I also read some girl's post about how she was trying to fight off some sickness and onions on the feet apparently absorb bacteria and other stuff if you put them on the bottoms of your feet and sleep with them.

She said it worked for her, so obviously I had to try.

If reflexology is legit, I could see how it would work.

You guys should totally try this! It's really fun!

You can either be entertained by the weird looks you get around you, or the weird squishing sensation you get when you walk to the bathroom.

I'll update you on whether this experiment was a bust or not.

If you want to know if my black magic experiment worked, you can click these green words to see the results.

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Actually if you are not comfortable with the squeesh in your socks including the smell, you can place a cut onion in your bedroom and let the magic of onion attraction happens.
I have used this remedy for a good while now and I can tell you, it worked AND when I shared to a veteran friend across the seas while he was sick for weeks and his wife kept getting the same flu (it's like the flu virus passes to each other every 14 days) I asked him to try cut one big juicy fresh yellow onion and let it rest on anything (so that it doesn't roll off) and place another one in the living room.

Within 48 hours he got better and he did that for his in laws (though they dislike having onion fragrance in the house) but that help liberate from their sicknesses one day at a time.

As far as I last know how he keeps some onions handy at all times haha.

So yes. For your foot onion treatment, probably the bacteria has been surrounding you for along time.

And the closest proximity would be at the bottom of your feet,when you sleep.

Notion though.... Cooking the onion as far as I am told eliminates the ability to attract bacteria.... Dear girl....

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Yes. Cooked onion loses the ability. So this is also why we should eat any cut onions as soon as we cut them. If not, basically we will be eating "bacterias". @nomadicsoul

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Not surprised at all.

Garlic and mullein oil works wonders on ear infections too!

I tried that one =/ butttt I got brave enough to stick tea tree oil in my ear and I think it's helping! I hope so anyway

It apparently works and I hope it worked of you too
the only thing was the squelching to the bathroom
I could almost hear it... hahaha

hahaha I can feel it again! I think it semi-worked

I missed the post on healing an ear infection with music. I may have to go back and read that one. So in this experiment you will heal the ear by putting onions on the feet...I can see the logic in that. It makes a lot of sense to me....Lol. I personally think that a lot of these sorts of remedies work through the placeo effect (just my opinion). So I think the important question is - do you believe in them? The answer to the question will determine whether or not they work for you. I'm sure we have all tried some strange home remedy to cure an ailment. I remember healing my infected wisdom tooth by chewing on a tea bag. I think that it worked for me mostly because I refused to go to the hospital. Anyway, great post. I like the humor as always.

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Good question! Here's how I roll: I have an open mind and I'll try something, but I go into it with ZERO expectations.

If it works, then I believe in it.

If it doesn't, then I don't believe that it works for me, and I move on to something else.

I LOVE that you chewed on a tea bag. That's awesome! What kind of tea?

I'm like you, I refuse to go to the hospital with this ear thing. I've had this infection for years, though and have tried lots of things.

Thought I'd tried everything...but apparently not.

I have gotten it temporarily better before, but it's never lasted permanently. Always come back with a vengeance.

Maybe my next experiment will be sticking a tea bag in it! haha seriously 😂

I think that that is a good mindset going in. I'd say I'm like that as well. Its realistic. But, if you were a true believer maybe they remedies would work outright. Yeah try the tea bag on the ear trick. Cant hurt to try

Some of them have worked! The activated charcoal one worked. And tea tree oil has worked on ringworm before (I hope that's not TMI)

Hey Sweetie,

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Thanks a mil.

Voted!!! =) thanks for letting me know

Thats pretty much the most awesome thing ever. Your feet I mean.

Tell me something I don't know.

Like, a random fact about gold. Or frozen enchiladas.

Gold has no smell

I am still wondering what the black magics holds for

Activated charcoal mixed with baking soda, lemon juice, tea tree oil and lavender oil haha. It healed up my foot SO fast! I was amazed!

Oh. That is magic for healing then

Well if you keep onion on your under arms for a night...for sure you will get high fever. .....pretty old practice to bunk school😊

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I will get a high fever or I will get rid of a fever?? haha I want to try this onenow!

You will get fever for sure....this is common Indian way of avoiding and bunking schools.....do check this out😉

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