Away with this Junk...Post Birthday Leftovers ( No Thanks)

in weightloss •  11 months ago 

Getting the day started off right. Throwing these candies I received on my B-day in trash !

I love them...

But no way I will get down to the weight I want consuming them.

So Bye Bye Biatches...

Skittles, Milk Duds, and Mike and Ikes have a good resting home at the city dump lol


Cheers to a lighter day,
Robert Andrew

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I wished that we were neighbors Sir @robertandrew so that I could ask you to thrown them over to my backyard LOL :)

Those are 3 of my favorites! You are a brave man.

But Halloween is right around the corner!!! Make a kids day by giving him something other than a tootsie roll 😂

Great to see you doing the right thing and 2hat's best for your body. It is painful to sacrifice but the rewards shall be worth it

This is the only way! If I leave them around the house, I often find that they get eaten despite the fact I wasn't supposed to touch them... Or worse, they get eaten by my wife, who complains that I shouldn't have left them there...

Lol there are starving kids in Africa, mainly me that would love me some milk duds and skittles :(

If it’s in my house, I will end up eating all of it in one sitting, late at night & wake up with a sugar hangover. Much better to toss that crap!

Give me some, I will eat it through Steemit 😂

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