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Here is another fantastic update! Not much new to report though. Food wise I was good. I totally left it out of yesterdays post but I have started doing intermitting fasting. I have no real game plan, mostly because I have no idea what I am doing outside of what Google has told me. Today I kept my eating Window between 1 PM to 6 PM. I will be doing a whole post once I finish doing more research and learn a bit more.

I had a really amazing surprise today. I went to start my workout today and my wife surprised me with a movie night! We'll her brother took us out to check the Black Panther movie! It was pretty good. I was a good boy too and turned down that delicious popcorn. It was hard, I was sweaty but I did it! hahaha

Well, I'll stop rambling and get to it!

Food for the day

Today was same as usual. I didn't hit the calories I wanted to but I didn't work out so I am not going to sweat it. I will be doing a weight update at the end of the week so I won't go into details but the number is going down, which is refreshing!

As I said too I didn't start eating until 1 PM. I ate again when I got home from work so that was roughly at 5:30PM'ish but ill just call it 6 PM to be safe. I am still doing lots of research but toying with the whole fasting thing.

Well here is the rundown today:


Workout For the Day:

As I said I did a movie night over the workout but that didn't mean I wasn't active. I did do a walk earlier today on my lunch. It was pretty cold out so it wasn't that enjoyable but I was still out and about!


Though there is a better rundown of the day that will go a bit more in-depth.


Sleep Last Night

I had a decent sleep last night. I wouldn't say I woke up feeling like a million dollars but more like a few thousand! haha. I was off to a slow start this morning as the wheels didn't want to get rolling but I will be going to bed a bit earlier today to get a solid amount of sleep.


That about sums up the day. As I said there is nothing really to update on as I am still working out the whole fasting thing. One thing I want to work on for tomorrow would be getting a workout in.

Well, thank you for popping on by, have a great rest of your day!


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Wow great update! From the sound of things it looks like your migraines are gone, or at the very least they aren't bothering you as much. I have to ask; what sleep tracker are you using? And also what is that red light bar you have near the end of your post? I want to add a bit of flair to my post and one of those in a different color would complete the look I'm going for


Yeah, my migraines are calming down, though today I am battling the flu. Hahaha Just as my kids get better, it's my turn now I guess. Been snoozing most of the day though!

To track my sleep and my activity I use my Fitbit Charge 2. It's a pretty cool little device. Here is a link to the site that breaks down just what it does:

I don't know how accurate it is but it's nice to have some data to go off of.

For that red light bar, I stumbled across this post: Animated Text Dividers! - - Simply Copy and Paste .gif dividers @scrooger has a few posts about adding dividers and various ways to add them to your posts.

Here is another post that was done by @blueorgy on how to use various Emojis. I haven't used too many of them but it's a nice list if you ever need to dip in and use an Emojis for anything it maybe: Steemit Emojis Master List

Hope that helps out a bit. There are a few more posts I stumbled across in the past that shows how to format pictures and posts in general. Ill try and hunt them down again and post the link here for you.