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Hi Morning everyone here... It's Luuee here.

Have you tried losing weight but it has been difficult? You want to head to the gym or do some home workout but you ain't feeling it?

I've jogged close to 3000km since 2011.

I was 19. I was quite fat teen. I had chest that jiggled. When I was in Curtin University, I met this guy. He was buff.

I went to YouTube and check out some gym videos. There was this guy who just lifted a bit and he was fit. I was puzzled. That time I was still a newbie in this fitness world. So I would believe in anything. Anyways, In the whole journey till now since the day I started training at the gym around 12 years ago. I've learn a few tips and tricks that you could use to get fit. 💪💪💪

These tips can be used for everyone, no matter your age or gender.


  • reduce all sugar where possible. The daily allowance from what I've known is to only take around 7 tablespoon for the ladies and 9 for the gents. It doesn't only come from the beverages but from the processed food.

    Sweetened beverage adds a lot of calories. Due to drinking too much sweetened beverages, in 2017, I went to have just a normal body check up and I found everything to be normal except the glucose to hit around 6.5 where the normal range was 5.6 and below.

Every other reading was normal except for that. The doc told me that I was a borderline before being diabetic. 😁 So i reduced all sugary drinks and my glucose level went back to 3.9 roughly after fasting. Reduce where possible, sugar and all processed fruit juice, yogurts, sodas and gradually you will see you weight drop down. Just doing this can bring your weight down a few kilos.

reduce wheat

  • I read this book years back as i tried to lose weight. I did everything but I saw no changes in weight. I picked up a book one day from Amazon and read it. It's titled 'wheat belly'.

Img src:

This book highlights the dangers of consuming too much wheat from bread and food with a lot of wheat within. Nowadays, wheat due to lots of genetic modification can cause hazard to our body. I reduced all wheat at one time and workout and I could easily shed off 13 kilos till my dad complained that I was getting too thin.

Anything that is processed usually has wheat. Just look at the food labels. I will write a post about food labels, next time. At one time in my life, I wanted to write a blog about fitness, workouts and etc but I was too lazy.

Reducing a combination of sugars and wheat can drastically increase the insulin sensitivity of the body to absorb glucose (the final product of carbohydrates) and thus increasing our metabolism.

To be continued... If there is any questions do let me know.


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