"Mother Bot" an original work of fiction for the Weekend Freewrite challenge

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Thank you @mariannewest for another fabulous #freewrite challenge. And its the weekend! Hurrah for the weekend freewrite challenge! This challenge involves three prompts. So each part of the story is informed by the next prompt.

To learn more and take part visit https://steemit.com/freewrite/@mariannewest/weekend-freewrite-1-20-2018-part-1-the-first-sentence

If you don't know what a freewrite is visit @mariannewest, here is a link to the introduction post: https://steemit.com/freewrite/@mariannewest/writers-or-wanna-be-writers-wanted-be-free-freewrite


"Your mother lied to you. That's the truth," said my mother.

Or what I used to think of as my mother.

She smiled, and winked at me. The android was good, I'll give her that. I could only tell it wasn't my mother because she acted like a human being every now and then.

"Your father was a good man," the mother bot said. "He didn't leave you, when you were one year old and run away with a stripper bot for electric fun and frolics, like your mother said."

The bot tapped her head - did I imagine a little metallic 'ting' when she did that? - and smiled again.

"I know these things because her memories are mine."

I wasn't sure why she was suddenly telling me this. My mother had been uploaded ten years ago, and had been living in the 'brain' of the mother bot for almost as long. Why would she be telling me these things now. I should be cautious. Never trust a robot.

I am sure my mother taught me that.


It wasn't so much that I had been blind to the truth. It was just that I had seen the truth differently.

Differently to most of the world, in fact.

The rest of the world had shunned the mother bot, after one of them had gone on a rampage and and killed 'her' family with a rusty saw, and then had gone on a killing spree that had taken out half the population of Kansas.

After that the mother bots had been taken off the market.

It wasn't exactly illegal to 'own' one but it was frowned upon. That is why we had moved. Unless you looked closely (or forgot to charge your mother before going out shopping, like I did once - she hasn't let me forget that one) then no one could tell she was made out of metal. Hell, she had even been on a couple of dates with one of our neighbours, and he didn't notice.

Perhaps this is the first sign of a malfunction.

That the mother bot is aware that her thoughts are different from my mothers...


"The time Fred went to the car wash and never came back," the mother bot said. "That was all hog wash. He went to the car wash alright, and came straight home. But your mother, well your mother said he hadn't cleaned out the interior of the car, so she picked up a rusty saw" - uh oh! - "and cut his head off." The mother bot smiled, as if remembering the event with fondness. "Oh, how we - she - laughed. There was so much blood!"

I started to edge away from mother bot, towards the doorway. Perhaps she wouldn't notice.

Yeah, because androids are well known for NOT noticing stuff.

"Where are you going son?" she said, grinning now. "Don't you want to come to mummy and give me a BIG hug."

I edged away, slowly, as she approached.

"What's that you have behind your back, mummy?" I said, nervously.

"What this old thing?" she said, producing what looked to me suspiciously like a rusty saw.

"Oh this is a just a big comb. Come to mummy. Let me comb your hair."


All written using themostdangerouswritingapp.com, 5 minutes for each prompt. The photo is of me (taken originally for the fifty word short story 'juice') messed about with with various editors.

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run!!! run fast!! hope you forgot to charge her!!

Well spotted escape route!!

:) I am telling you - those mom bots. You have to be so clever to escape them lol

Oh so creepy..

Thank you!

Lol, that was epic. Who'd have thought to use an android for the character. Now I want to check out your other stories. The titles alone are catchy :-)

Thank you! :) Hopefully, the stories live up to the titles! ;)

Lol, the one about the broken watch was funny. Guess now he has lots of "time" on his hands to fix things :-)

LOL! Luckily the story was limited to 50 words or the play on words could go on forever! ;)

Lol, yeah. I think the limit of 50 would be a bit hard for me. Nothing like counting each word as you go, and not run into an odd ending.

I usually have an idea of a story and then try to tell it in as few words as possible. I use a word processor for the 50 word stories so you can do a word count and then delete or add words as needed. Sometimes I change the beginning or the ending depending on ideas that come to me or necessity due to word limits. It often takes quite a while to get it right. Dog walking is quite good for thinking things through, I find. :)

Good idea, thanks. I found myself stopping to count 4 times. It worked out well after I switched the ending part.

Catchy story. Love momma bot. lol

You'd better love momma bot. Because if you don't love her good, she's gonna want to comb your hair!

Oh, wonderful. I loved how you were able to thread "when Fred went to the car wash" back to the father – very smooth. And the hog wash bit.

Yes, it was only when I read it back I realised my brain had taken in car wash and spewed up hog wash! Thank you for reading and commenting! :)

Accident or not, I love it

Ewww Creepy!!! 😂😂😂

I’m gonna say that to my kids next time they’re acting up and then laugh st my own inside joke.

“Let me comb your hair.”

Yes, do it. It works better if you have a large rusty saw in one hand, and a maniacal grin.
Thank you for reading and commenting! :)

Oh this was absolutely ominous! Great job of scaring me. Mother bots like this need disabled!

Let's start a petition now! No more Mother Bots!
Thank you for reading and commenting! :)

Haha no more mother bots is right! My pleasure!

This gave me shivers @felt.buzz!

Don't you want to come to mummy and give me a BIG hug.

Double HELL no!!

Today I am hopping through the town of Freewrite on my brand new pogo-stick! It's super-powered by my desire read your awesome stories and deliver the prompt of the Goddess Marianne!


Thanks Brisby!