5 Minute Weekend Freewrite 2/10/2018

in weekend •  8 months ago

The next morning, Kelly was making his rounds and helping feed
the animals. He walked around the corner to the giraffe area and
just about had a heart attack.

When Mary came to work later that day he said,

"I'm telling you Mary, Chozzy gets himself into trouble when we
are not watching him. When I was by the giraffes I saw a wild pig
running down the street. I know he did it , even though I can't
prove it. How else did that pig get out?

"Kelly, I am so tired of you talking bad about him. He is such a
sweetheart. And how can he let out the pigs? By picking one up?
The week you left was nice."

"Oh really. He did nothing wrong?"

"I saw feather's on his face but thought nothing of it."

"What!!! Are you that blind then?"

Photo from pexel.

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Oh, that hit under the belt!!
While you were gone......


Lol, I was shocked that part even came out. :-)

Thought nothing of the feathers on Chozzy's face? I can't wait until others can catch Chozzy in the act. LOL! : )


It shocks me how many people even in real life are blind by what really goes on. Kelly may have that camera posed on Chozzy as we speak. :-)