Fun Weekend

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The weekend has come to an end and it was a very enjoyable one for our little family.

On Saturday, we journeyed down to San Diego (2 hour drive from our house) to go a picnic BBQ for an adoption organization we have been blessed to be a part of. The food at the picnic was potluck style, and there was a lot of it, so I over-ate for sure. The kids had fun with the various activities as well, with the highlight being the bounce house with slide. We had a good time mingling with other families and being out in the perfect weather (high 70s at the park near the beach). Here are a couple of pictures:



We then stopped by Knott's Berry Farm, a local amusement park, and rode a few rides and had dinner. The highlight of the stop was Kendra's first time on the carousel ride - she loved it and couldn't stop looking around and checking everything out!



On Sunday, grandma came over and watched the kids for half day while my wife and I went out to lunch and caught a musical/play at a small theatre in Hollywood. The show started at 2:30pm and we were late getting to the area, so we needed to ditch our planned lunch restaurant and call an audible - we ended up at a Shake Shack near the theatre and it was pretty good! I am by no means an expert in musical theatre, but I thought this performance was pretty good - the name was "Violet", so I am not sure if that means anything to anyone.

We picked up some Chinese food on the way home and enjoyed some family time before putting the kids down to sleep.

It was a go, go, go weekend, but certainly a good one! How was your weekend??


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you are really good person.because every week you spent doing your great time of your sweet family.obviously your child very cute and enjoy your best weekened with your family its very good that you giving alots of time of your family.your wife looks to very attractive.i hope that,she is very talentfull women in the world.i know you and your wife very take care doing of our child..its very needs every children.. happy enjoy your family trip.just dear friend.. @brian.rrr very well done..take care yourself and best of luck of your great work.


Your little family deserves the title of a family of five stars . @brian.rrr
Your children are attractive and your wife is beautiful. I hope that God will save your amazing family .
You are a handsome man and a wonderful father too .
I hope you enjoyed your time .
I wish to extend my greetings to your five-star family, as well as to the Grandmother of your childrens .

Hello how are you, late but I could not let this happen, you had a fantastic weekend really your family is beautiful I admire them a lot Kendra is beautiful and it shows how she likes the carrousel Jacob wow I really enjoy the inflatable mattress thanks to the grandmother they had a little time for you

w0o0www. your both kids (cutepies) looking s0o0 cute. and yeah it great when you give some time to your family. You have sooo enjoyed your trip with family! You laughed, joked, shopped & ate a lot. what else a person wants in his life.. stay happy and stay blessed

Firstly, there is so much love for you and your family,
Sir, I'm so proud of seeing you.

It looks more like this, you give your family so much time and love giving more than that.

This is my wish to spend every weekend very well.

Your family should be happy that way.

Have a nice time sir with your happy family. Really your babies are so cute and hope the enjoy the moments with lot of fun. Thanks a lot sir @brain.rrr for sharing your happy moments with us.

Looks like a lot of fun. I haven't been on a carousal in years, but I can't fault your daughter for liking them. They're fun.

I just tried to make the yard look a little better. That's about all. Also picked up a little more silver. :D

You had an eventful weekend for sure!! I love potluck style events! I’m like you and always eat them.

I’m so jealous of your meals! I had shake shack once and fell in love. Then Chinese food! Another one of my favorites!

My Saturday/Sunday was spent on the couch mostly after staying up way too late Friday night at a concert!!


Sounds fun tho... at least you had a couple of days to recover! Appreciate you stopping by... I am looking forward to seeing your steem round project come to life!


Shouldn’t be much longer at all! This week they are getting struck and numbered!!


Sweet, big week then! Take care man!


Yes it is!! Thank you sir!! You too!

It sounds like another fun filled weekend. It can be so great to get out and enjoy activities with the kids. My weekend was kid free for the most part as they were at a weekend camp. Yard work was the weekend theme for us as we are trying to get some things finished before summer is in full swing.

wow you have lot of fun with your family that is great having love with family is more important

Great pictures on a happy day

How nice to see your wife and your babies enjoy, my weekend was just resting from hard work in the week.

Wow pretty busy weekend, I love that you enjoyed the carousel so much, God bless your family.

Wow,you had alot of fun with your family.

This week was a lot of fun for you. In this way, each person's days are good and fun, pray for everyone. Thanks, @brian.rrr

I am fascinated by this type of post, where ealthy fun reigns and sharing with the family.

Protection of God to your home and your children. Regards!

P.D: Your little daughter with pink cheeks is a doll. God bless her.

Its good to spend time with family.
Well my weekend was spent with books 😥

glad you had a ace time , your children look really happy and thats all that matters x

Hello Friend! The pictures were pretty good, So you never forget this hectic weekend for all the good. Thanks for sharing!

My weekend was relaxing! I just started a new semester on college so I took this weekend to start to study a bit and also enjoy with al my classmates. Ready to start the second week :)

I am very pleased that you have enjoyed it to the fullest... It is incredible that the day has given you so much, traveled, ate, fulfilled your duty, theater, park, picni... And still gave space to publish! Admirable!!!!

The weekend is very fun, we can see it from the photos you share.
happy enjoy your weekend, may be happy always @brian.rrr

How nice to see this brother, every day your children grow more, so brother continues.

I live in the Philippines right now and their parks aren't nearly as good as the ones found in the United States. It looks beautiful and serene in the park you photographed. I kind of miss parks like that.