Larry and the gang-veg room update

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High everybody☺

Little clone plants are getting close to pot transplant.
The roots are well established and look much healthy.


Right now my nutrient at 400 ppm, but tomorrow, I will raise them to 600.
I use base nutrition, root stimulator, and cal-mag.


Thank you very much for reading💜


Larry! <3

Nice, naming your plants is a must!

One thing you might try when you use clear cups is to put them in a second colored cup so the roots don’t get too much light & you can still pull them out if you want to see roots. Might be Interesting to do a test to see if you get more root development in the second cup.

Labeling is a must! And usually the other cups block enough light. And second cup is if it's on a high light side of the rack. But if it's growing right? And it won't hurt roots with light. But get it good and root bound and then transplant!

But read back... Got it all earlier here.

Perhaps I will run a test with my next babies to see if there is a difference in rooting time or plant health

Everyone I tried came up with no result. Roots only grow so fast.

But I'd like to see more research on lots of fun projects.... Keep it coming!

Ya it’s a very simple test to compare. Cheap as a plastic cup

Looks great! My wife and i might start growing soon. Do you have any links or recs for first time growers? Thanks for sharing!! Much love


Ed rosenthal and ask many questions! And any hightimes has arrivals about big or even small grows. I love high yields in small spaces.

Jorge Cervantes is from the Pacific Northwest. I have heard of some soap opera epic drama and involving that author. I swear by the oaksterdam course book. That is really good stuff

I'm never looking for fame. But I have ran into some very well known people.

Larry is stronk like bull! although bit on the yellow side? or is it just the flash and angle?

Needs a little more fertilizer but better too little than way too fucking much!

Its jus larry shouting at me- "give me more food, woman!"

Loving the clear cups!

Nice.How big on the pot size when you transplant ?

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