Medicated milk

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Good afternoon. Dear community!

Hi, friends .
Today I decided to be treated with medicinal milk. Which helps from nerves, from headaches, back pain and muscle, improves mood and a good helper for sleep

Take the milk, I took the goat I like it on fat
And put it on the fire to boil
Then, throw them in the boiling milk, medicinal leaves
For one glass of milk , 2-3 cups of medicinal leaves

And we start to make a magic potion.
Thoroughly stirring, so as not to burn the leaves to the bottom of the pan
Cook 20 - 30 minutes at will
Everything is very easy and simple, and most importantly useful
#naturalmedicine is.


After preparation of medicinal milk
Letting it cool
After squeezing the leaves with a cloth
I just gently poured the milk into the glass.
And the magic is waiting for you


All health and profit.

Come visit me @senattor

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hey @senattor, what medicinal leaves are you using in your milk? x

Marijuana therapeutic

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