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Different kinds of crushers exist to suit different types of smokers around the world. Some smokers don't give a damn and just wanna get high, but I tell people, smoking weed is like art and should be treated as such. Besides, whatever is worth doing should be done well isn't it. So how about smoking weed the right way, with the right tools and the right strains for each mood with a little bit of art and style.

Speaking of style and tools, lets begin with the fundamentals, Rolling papers and Crushers. I've seen a lot of crushers in this life, are people creative or what!

What does a crusher do? Or what should a crusher do?

Some crushers grind your weed, you don't want to grind your weed, you want to crush your weed, big difference. According to my research, your burning weed has more chances to produce more keef and a thicker smoke when crushed rather than when grounded.

So it is your duty to ensure that you pay attention to your crusher. This is why I will be showing you the Top 3 crushers that can be gotten under 10$. They have style, they are efficient and appealing.

Check These Out

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    This crusher will crush your weed. I'm pretty sure the tiny knob must be appealing to some people.It allows for easy handling It has 6 blades to break stubborn bonds and a set of steel teeth. The holes are wide enough to let the easy passage of broken bonds in tray. The unique thing about this crusher is that you never waste your weed and the dust- that very smooth sediment from crushed weed- is collected in the mesh layer and accumulated over time, this ensures that no weed is wasted from the crusher.

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    Aha! This is a creative one, to talk about being handy. This is also an ideal type of teeth and spacing you need to look out for, it allows the bonds to be crushed rather than grounded, although not as efficient as the one above, but it comes in a watch, it definitely has my second spot.

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    I guess this will be perfect for some people. A mini blender that runs on battery and is loaded with 5 sharp blade steels that spins with a lot of force, blending made easy. For some reason though, I still prefer my manual blenders, you can call me a control freak.

Don't forget, smoking weed is like art and should be treated as such not just anyhow. We will talk about rolling papers and lighters in my next post. Stay blazing

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