Grow Update: The ladies are getting prettier

in #weedcashlast year

Few pics of my current flower room only filled the 6x6 scrog with abuncha blueberry plants and I'm running 2 DE 1000watt lights at 750 each for a total of 1500watts. I'm starting to fill the other large half of my flower room this week so I can start to harvest every month. The other side will be zkittles and northern lights and flowerd under one 480watt QB, one 240watt QB, 315 CMH and 1000watt DE maybe 2.





These plants are about 3-4 weeks in. Will post more when the other half is filled up.

Joy of a cake Grower


Fuck you! I'm crying....

I miss my grow...

Damn nice room man and nice strains!

Here is a vote and follow as well

Thanks Boet,Really appreciate
No tears, you should be damn proud.
It's a 6x6 scrog built in the corner of my flower room. I use a large square bedroom for flower

Nice work for sure. Where you from I'd definitely like to blaze with you and having a big 420 party next year as well.

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Fu*k... This is so cool man!

O yeah!!, Thanks Boet

Those buds are getting big!

Wow nice setup you got- Perpetual harvest is definitely the way to go. I like to set up so where I have a few plants harvesting every week or two. Harder to keep up with such a large grow though.

Thanks Man

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